Hey Divi Den Family, I am writing this blog post from a chilly but sunny Cape Town. Today, in the middle of winter, was a pleasant 23°C (73.4F) and we had a wonderful blue sky 🙂

Cold weather is on the way for us this weekend and it’s going to be cold. There’s talk of snow in the mountains. Time to get out the long johns lol. Hope all is well in your part of the world.

What’s new? Divi Audio Modules are here!

I really do love the feature requests you guys send in. It means I am designing things you want. And this weeks’ update is also a feature request from one of my favourite members. She’s been with us since almost day one :))

Divi Audio Modules are something we haven’t made before. Why I haven’t done any audio modules in the last 2 years is beyond me. Oh well, better late than never hey. Here’s what it looks like.

A screenshot of the divi audio module made by Divi Den

A screenshot of the Divi audio module from the Divi Den Pro library

Many use-cases for Divi Audio Modules

The sound industry is massive. It’s not just the obvious users like bands, musicians or DJ’s… the list is really endless. Recording studios are another example. How about a voice recording artist? TV jingles… so basically there are 100’s of situations where you can use these.

Coming Soon: a “process step interaction”. WTH? … details down below.

3 Different audio module formats to choose from

I designed these sound module layouts so they can be used in many different settings. Take a look.

Greatest Hits Music Module – Divi Audio Module – Freddie Collection

Song Slider – Divi Audio Module – Freddie Collection

Hitman Music Module – Divi Audio Module – Freddie Collection

How to get these modules? All three Divi audio modules are available today in the Divi Den Pro library. Get started for free here.


Did you know Christiaan was a DJ when I met him? He had a demo CD he sent out via post – yes, he posted it out to get DJ Gigs in Cape Town. A website link via email would have been a lot easier!

Here is a picture of the original CD. We had to burn the CD, then we would print out its cover as well. He was a very good DJ FYI. When I met him he had made enough money to put down a deposit on a small flat here in Cape Town. So the CD’s were effective. But you can imagine how his career could have blossomed if he could have emailed his music all over the world.

Picture of DJ Groove Guru's Logo and Demo CD

A picture of DJ Groove Guru’s logo and demo CD [from the archives]

Although he hasn’t played in a long time, I found this picture of us in Vietnam while we were volunteering. This picture was taken in the one-and-only club in Huế called Brown Eyes Bar about 9 years ago. The last time he played:)

Has anybody been to Vietnam? Post in the comments what you liked about it. Besides the unbelievable food lol.

Picture of DJ playing a DJ set

Spinning a tune!

It’s safe to say we’re living in a new age of podcasting

This adds a new angle to your sites or your client sites. Guest interviewing is another thing you can do with audio. We are living in a world of tweets, posts, articles, videos – phew media overload! But with a personal interview, you can really talk to your listeners and dig deeper. It’s also a way to reach out to your partners and support each other. I am all about that.

The team is really excited about this weeks update. Here’s a screenshot of our slack chat.

Screenshot of Divi Den Pro Slack Team chat showing the excitement generated by these Divi audio modules

Waxing lyrical about Divi audio modules…

Coming Soon

I was lucky to get yet another cool feature request yesterday and we will be adding it to the next update. It’s a funky process step interaction. This is the design screenshot. We will start coding it soon.

example of the process step interaction by divi den pro

The process step interaction design. It will enter production soon.

Have any ideas for me? Please email me here.

Thanks, guys. Till next time.



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