Here’s the list of latest updates to the layout library and the Divi Den Pro plugin.

2024 - Divi Den Pro Changelog

Version 5.3.6 (updated 12 Mar 2024)

    1. Fix: Agneta Blog – Ragnar – Older entries styles.
    2. Fix: Contact forms – Unicorn – Removed a script which was affecting all contact forms.
    3. Fix: Portfolio – Pegasus – incorrect section height.
    2023 - Divi Den Pro Changelog

    Version 5.3.5 (updated 30 Oct 2023)

    1. New: Barbra collection layouts – 16 full page layouts and 17 sections.
    2. Fix: Olena collection missing styles.
    3. Fix: Mermaid collection contact form styles.
    4. Fix: Aina Blog – Ragnar – styles.
    5. Fix: Olivia products – Ragnar – Add to cart button link.

    Version 5.3.4 (updated 09 Sep 2023)

    1. New: Preparation for new collection coming soon.
    2. Fix: Pop-ups delay option.
    3. Fix: Framestatic Portfolio – Falkor- now works with multiple instances on the same page.
    4. Fix: Contact form v1 – Olena – minor display issue.
    5. Fix: Olympus blog – Ragnar – Pagination styles issue.
    6. Enhance: PHP recommended version changed from 7.4 to 8.1+.

    Version 5.3.3 (updated 14 Jun 2023)

    1. New: Grace Collection layouts – 11 page layouts & 31 sections.
    2. Fix: API key visibility in Firefox.
    3. Fix: Highway Tabs – Tina – Wasn’t showing in Visual builder.
    4. Fix: Popups console warnings.
    5. Fix: Freddie console warnings.

    Version 5.3.2 (updated 14 Mar 2023)

    1. New: Olena Collection layouts  – 20 sections.
    2. Fix: Formerly Content – Grace – Video pop-up.
    3. Fix: Gacrux v2 – Grace – Styles.
    4. Fix: Pixie content affecting all images on the page.
    5. Fix: Nevermore blurbs – Freddie – Multiple sections on the page.
    6. Fix: Stolen menu – Ragnar – Toggling the menu.
    2022 - Divi Den Pro Changelog
    Version 5.3.1 (updated 17 Nov 2022)

    1. New: Olena collection layouts – 6 Homepage layouts and 43 sections.
    2. Fix: Berit tabs – Ragnar now works with accordion modules.
    3. Fix: jQuery Tilt script file path corrected.
    4. Fix: Various style fixes.

    Version 5.3.0 (updated 20 Oct 2022)

    1. Fix: New layouts styles.
    2. Fix: Amalthea Timeline – Grace – Responsive styles

    Version 5.2.9 (updated 18 Oct 2022)

    1. New: Grace Collection layouts  – 13 Full page layouts.
    2. Enchantment: Content Bodil – Ragnar – Works with any number of columns now.
    3. Fix: Fixed a PHP warning that was showing an undefined variable.
    4. Fix: Artistic Sign Up – Coco – Styling.
    5. Fix: Drive Content – Grace – Video pop-up.
    6. Fix: Card Slider – Impi – Appearance on large desktop screens.
    7. Fix: Not dead slider – Freddie – Styling.
    8. Fix: Berit tabs – Ragnar –  Functionality.

    Version 5.2.8 (updated 05 Sep 2022)

    1. New: Grace Collection layouts and sections – 9 Full page layouts and 31 sections.
    2. Fix: Gun Tabs – Ragnar – Missing script.
    3. Fix: Beid v2 Slider – Grace – Automatic transition.
    4. Fix: Difference Person – Ragnar – Automatic transition.
    5. Fix: Every One Gallery – Freddie – Overlay position.
    6.  Fix: You alone accordion – Tina – Mobile.
    7. Fix: Homepage v2 – Sigmund – Visual Builder styles.
    8. Fix: Bracket Call Out Box Content – Mermaid – Hover animation styles.
    9. Fix: Wave Blog – Venus – Categories with two or more words not displayed correctly.
    10. Fix: Catwalk Person – Coco – Styling issues.
    11.  Fix: SEO Footer – Jackson – Fixed styles that were affecting the website globally.
    12. Enchantment: Step Inside Blurb Module – Falkor and Unicorn Blurb 4 now work with any number of columns.

    Version 5.2.7 (updated 11 Apr 2022)

    1. New: Preparation for Grace Collection layouts and sections coming soon – 9 Full page layouts and 46 sections.
    2. Fix: Stately Mega Menu – Diana, Grandiose Mega Menu – Diana, Without Counting header – Freddie, Private Affair Menu – Freddie – Appearance on product pages.
    3. Fix: Pop-up delay function.
    4. Fix: Removed unnecessary Divi Den Pro tab in the general portability settings.
    5. Enhance: SEO Blog – Jackson – Now it’s possible to add year in the blog date.

    Version 5.2.6 (updated 14 Feb 2022)

    1. New: Preparation for Grace Collection layouts and sections coming soon – 4 Full page layouts and 28   sections.
    2. Enhance: Naos Content – Grace – Play button background.
    3. Fix: Meteor Process – Grace – Added missing CSS.
    4. Fix: Hassaleh Blog – Grace – Styles.
    5. Fix: Portfolio Gomeisa – Grace – Styles.
    6. Fix: Back to top button – Custom icons.
    7. Fix: Drummer Footer – Styles.
    8. Fix: Drive Content – Grace – Incorrect CSS file.
    9. Fix: Wezen Contact Form – Grace – Styles.

    Version 5.2.5 (updated 25 Jan 2022)

    1. Fix: Saturn Person, Naos Footer and Mira footer (Grace) have the correct CSS file paths now.
    2. Fix: Cupid Blog – Grace category link hover.
    3. Fix: Styling:  Kuma Header, Maia Header, Apollo Person, Phoenix Person, Hassaleh Blog, Naos Cont, Atlas Header, Draco Blog, Diva Testimonial, Regulus Testimonials.
    4. Fix: Shutter Blog – Falkor – Removed custom function for excerpt length.
    5. Fix: Missing images in Spa Header – Grace.
    6. Enhance: My Friend Gallery – Freddie – hover improved.
    2021 - Divi Den Pro Changelog

    Version 5.2.4 (updated 14 Dec 2021)

    1. Fix: Removed unnecessary CSS for Straighten Blurbs, Halley Gallery, Maia Header, Rigel Content, and Ain Price list – Grace.
    2. Fix: Spa Homepage can now be fully edited using Visual Builder.
    3. Fix: Thunderbolt Product and Really Matters Product – Freddie – styling.
    4. Fix: Safari browser styling issues for Asterope Gallery – Grace.
    5. Fix: Merga v2 and Merga v5 slider – Grace – automatic transition now works as expected.
    6. Fix: My Lover Blog – Tina – styling corrected for older posts and navigation.
    7. Fix: Phoenix Person – Grace – incorrect JS path.
    8. Fix: Saturn Person – Grace – missing CSS file.
    9. Fix: Talk Now Person – Tina – can now be used with multiple instances on the same page.
    10. Fix: Hello Person – Sigmund – Styling.
    11. Fix: Hoshi header – Grace – styling.

    Version 5.2.3 (updated 11 Nov 2021)
    1. Black Friday Deals: Don’t forget to grab your LIFETIME License at – only during Black Friday 🙂
    2. New: Preparation for Grace Collection layouts coming very soon. 21 Full page layouts: 16 homepages for Grace and other niches, 1 about page, 3 contact pages.
    3. New: Preparation for Grace Collection module sections coming very soon. 207 Total module sections: 35 blurbs, 33 headers, 31 content modules, 16 person modules, 16 footers, 14 price lists, 13 blogs, 11 testimonials, 11 galleries, 10 sliders, 5 timeline, 3 CTAs, 2 numbers, 1 portfolio, 1 projects ,1 optin, 1 process module.
    4. Fix: Piece of cake footer – Diana – footer can now have more than a single button added.
    5. Enhance: Improve video popup module player controls and behaviour.

    Version 5.2.2 (updated 27 Oct 2021)
    1. New: Preparation for new layouts and sections coming soon: 13 new Ragnar Layouts + 18 Ragnar Sections + Architecture Homepage.
    2. Fix: Wave blog – Venus – articles assigned to multiple categories.
    3. Fix: My lover blog – Tina – styling issues.

    Version 5.2.1 (updated 19 Oct 2021)
    1. Update: Your Decision Header – Tina – Improved hover for the navigation arrows.
    2. Update: Animate Header – Sigmund – Animation now works with all heading levels.
    3. Fix: Blurbs – Pixie – Removed CSS that was incorrectly affecting all rows on the page.
    4. Fix: Agata Blog – Ragnar now works with multiple categories selected.
    5. Fix: Icons were not showing correctly after a Divi update for some Impi and Mozart layouts.
    6. Fix: Success Video Content – Pegasus – Video was not showing on click.
    7. Fix: Text alignment issues for Jackson and Jamie footers.
    8. Fix: Hot Spot Feature and Bold Header Module – Venus – Text alignment issues.
    9. Fix: Footers CSS – Pegasus – Syntax error.
    10. Fix: Pleasing Portfolio – Sigmund – A large blank space was showing after the section.
    11. Fix: Jenny Blurbs – Ragnar – Hover styles.
    12. Fix: Single Post – Diana – Button styles.
    13. Fix: Modern Times Blog – Freddie – Images size.
    14. Fix: Nevermore Person – Freddie – Incorrect JS file path.
    15. Fix: Various styling improvements for the following layouts & sections: Single Row Portfolio – Pegasus, Headers – Mozart, Features – Unicorn, Blogs – Jackson, Blog 6 – Tina, Blogs – Unicorn, Footers – Falkor, Headers – Coco, Mother Love Blog – Freddie, Catering Page Layout – Demo.
    16. Fix: Various responsive styling improvements for the following layouts & sections: Grandiose Mega Menu – Diana, Footers – Diana, Footers – Coco, Footers – Pixie, Headers – Diana, More of that jazz – Freddie, Stealin Video Content – Freddie, Misfire Search – Freddie, Content Tove – Ragnar, Left 2 Column Blog – Mermaid, Blurbs – Unicorn, Conference Layout – Mozart, Hairdresser homepage – Demo, Personal Trainer homepage – Demo, Novelist homepage – Demo.

    Version 5.2.0  (updated 17 Sep 2021)
    Fix: PHP warning about an undefined variable.
    Fix: Makeup Artist Homepage CSS file loading.

    Version 5.1.9 (updated 16 Sep 2021)
    1. New: Preparation for new layouts and sections coming soon: 9 new Ragnar Layouts + 37 Ragnar Sections + Makeup Artist Homepage.
    2. Fix: Portfolio layouts compatibility with the latest Divi.
    3. Fix: The Difference Person – Ragnar – Automatic slider transition.

    Version 5.1.8 (updated 1 Sep 2021)
    1. Fix: Stately Mega Menu – mobile styles.
    2. Fix: Flip blurbs – Diana – images and custom CSS.
    3. Fix: Thinking About Header – Tina – scroll text position.
    4. Fix: Albin blog – Ragnar – styles for “older entries”.
    5. Fix: Prime Menu – Diana – click on the burger menu.
    6. Fix: Bar Page Layout – Jamie – icons section.
    7. Fix: Your Legend Blurbs – Diana – buttons position.
    8. Fix: White Label Mode – custom plugin icon styles.
    9. Fix: White Label Mode – overlay size on activation / deactivation.
    10. Update: WooCommerce shop and products – HTML code now works in the products description.
    11. Update: Falkor headers – now work with all header tags.

    Version 5.1.7 (updated 19 Jul 2021)
    1. New: preparation for new layouts and sections coming soon: 3 new Ragnar Layouts + Ragnar Post Page + 4 Ragnar Logo Sections + 7 Ragnar Galleries + 6 Ragnar Sections + 3 Demo Layouts + 18 Demo Sections.
    2. Fix: Not Dead Header Slider – Freddie – effects on scroll through the slides.
    3. Fix: Photographer Homepage Layout – multiple slider instances on the same page.
    4. Fix: Shop Modules – description appearance.

    Version 5.1.6 (updated 12 Jul 2021)
    1. Fix: Hotel Rooms Slider – Jamie – multiple instances on the same page.
    2. Fix: Wave Blog Module – Venus – multiple instances on the same page.
    3. Fix: Nevermore Blurbs – Freddie – hover.
    4. Fix: Tutti Frutti Content – Freddie – columns overlapping.
    5. Fix: Magnificent Mega Menu – mobile styles.
    6. Fix: Albin blog – Ragnar – styles for “older entries”.
    7. Fix: Jamie Hotel Layout – slider.
    8. Fix: Fancybox – missing images.
    9. Fix: Way Content – Tina – multiple instances on the same page.
    10. Fix: Polaroid Blog – Pegasus – removed custom excerpt length since this can be done in the module settings now.
    11. Fix: Gonna Be Optin – Tina – form styles after submission.

    Version 5.1.5 (updated 3 Jun 2021)
    1. New: preparation for new layouts and sections coming soon: 4 new Ragnar Layouts + Ragnar Post Page + 22 Ragnar Testimonials + 12 Ragnar Sections + Spa Demo Layout + Hostel Demo Layout + 10 Demo Sections.
    2. Fix: Divi scroll effects with Finest Girl Testimonials – Tina.
    3. Fix: Unicorn 1-3 Contact Page – style adjustments.
    4. Fix: Our Story Timeline – multiple instances on the same page.
    5. Fix: Custom mega menu to work with Divi Theme Builder.
    6. Fix: Gorm Testimonials – Ragnar – automatic animation for slides.

    Version 5.1.4 (updated 7 May 2021)
    1. Fix: Kare content – Ragnar – multiple instances on the same page.
    2. Fix: Catwalk person – Coco – social icons links.
    3. Update: Catwalk person – Coco – responsive.
    4. Fix: Ease content – Tina, Throttle Content – Tina, Eight Wheeler Content – Tina: dot animation, updated GSAP code to use MotionPathPlugin.
    5. Fix: Grow Testimonials – Coco – multiple instances on the same page.
    6. Update: Svend Blurbs – Ragnar – serve the font locally.

    Version 5.1.3 (updated 28 Apr 2021)
    1. New: preparation for new layouts and sections coming soon: 2 new Ragnar Layouts + 9 Ragnar Pricing Tables + 7 Ragnar Sections + Event Demo Layout + 5 Demo Sections.
    2. Update: GSAP animation files were updated to the latest version to patch vulnerabilities.
    3. Update: added compatibility with Divi-Modules – Typewriter plugin (shout out to David, the plugin author who brought it to our attention).
    4. Fix: Ragnar Albert Blog – styles.
    5. Fix: Just Friends Testimonials – Freddie – missing masks.
    6. Fix: Sliders and GSAP scripts.
    7. Fix: Eight Wheeler Content – dot animation.
    8. Fix: Original Numbers – Tina – two and more instances work correctly on the same page.
    9. Fix: Kare Content – Ragnar – styling.
    10. Fix: Pixie Blurbs CSS – removed CSS that was targeting the entire site.
    11. Fix: Hijack My Heart – Freddie – Frontend Builder styles.
    12. Fix: You’re Hot Contact Form – Freddie – settings in Frontend Builder.

    Version 5.1.2 (updated 8 Apr 2021)
    1. Fix: Saving layouts on cached WordPress dashboard pages in Firefox browser.
    2. Fix: Class Content – Coco – overlay animation.
    3. Update: Albert Blog – Ragnar – added an excerpt length, and made it work without a date.

    Version 5.1.1 (updated 1 Apr 2021)
    1. New: preparation for new layouts and sections next week: 3 new Ragnar Layouts + 10 Ragnar Blogs + 13 Ragnar Sections + 2 Demo Layouts + 14 Demo Sections.
    2. Fix: Funny How Love Is Menu – toggle the menu.
    3. Fix: Time Tomorrow Product – featured images.
    4. Fix: Intro Tabs – Sigmund – loading styles.
    5. Fix: Skarde Content – Ragnar in Safari.
    6. Fix: Titan Menu – Ragnar – logo position with a link.
    7. Fix: Valhalla Menu – Ragnar – removed absolute position.
    8. Fix: Stellar Menu – Diana – wireframe view.

    Version 5.1.0 (updated 4 Mar 2021)
    1. Fix: Polaroid Blog – Pegasus – comma for some categories.
    2. Fix: He Pulled Navigation Menu Template – Freddie – logo placement.
    3. Fix: Neat Blurb – Falkor – description on smaller screens.
    4. Fix: Digital Business Layout – Mozart – blurbs section.
    5. Fix: Project Planner Form – fields duplication when there are two or more instances of the form on the same page.
    6. Fix: Animate Header – Sigmund – works with any header tag now.
    7. Fix: Curly content – Ragnar – selector.
    8. Fix: Pop-ups on page load.
    9. Fix: My Home Accordion – Tina – image duplication when there are two instances of the section on the same page.
    10. Update: adjust the plugin code for the newest 10-site subscription.
    11. Fix: disabled WordPress lazy-load images for affected modules: Bayou Portfolio – Tina, Pleasing, Portfolio Module – Sigmund, Ribbon Portfolio – Tina, Gradient Hover Portfolio Module, Warrior Slider Portfolio – Impi, Lifestyle Slider – Coco, Twin Stripe Person Module – Falkor, Single Row Portfolio – Pegasus, Twist Filterable Portfolio Module – Pixie, Garage Filterable Portfolio Module – Pixie, Extender Portfolio Module – Pegasus, Portfolio V2 – Tina.

    Version 5.0.9 (updated 23 Feb 2021)
    1. Optimizations for load speed: Each frontend script and css file was compressed & minified. Several scripts were combined into one file to help with page speed metrics. Now all the css files are 1.2 mb smaller than before. All scripts are 0.9 mb smaller.
    2. Optimizations for load speed: Each backend script and css file was compressed to make the plugin’s dashboard work faster.
    3. Fix: On my way Blurb – Freddie – responsive, hover styles.
    4. Fix: Lifestyle slider – Coco – 10 and more slides work now.
    5. Fix: Hot Featured Products – Coco – more than 4 items work now.
    6. Fix: Pop-ups cookie.
    7. Fix: Exhibit Header Module – Pegasus – overlay and divider line height.
    8. Fix: Polaroid Blog – Pegasus – displaying the year.
    9. Fix: Live Forever Content – Freddie – circle text.

    Version 5.0.8 (updated 5 Feb 2021)
    1. New: preparation for new layouts next week: 18 new Ragnar Layouts + 22 Ragnar Sections + 4 Ragnar Navigation Menus + 3 Freddie Products Templates + 4 Freddie Products Modules.
    2. Update: Pop Product – Freddie – filtering with two and more categories works now.
    3. Fix: Stately Mega Menu – Diana, Grandiose Mega Menu – Diana, Funny How Love Is Menu – Freddie – fix affecting Divi Theme 4.8.2 and later (relative position was added to the fullwidth menus by default).
    4. Fix: Hang On In There Menu – Freddie – animation on hover.
    5. Fix: Want Header – Coco – works with other header tags aside of the H2 now.
    6. Update: removed the ‘Send Feedback Button’ and the Userback widget from the plugin’s dashboard – please use support tab instead.
    7. Fix: left sidebar image icons position in WL Mode.
    8. Fix: Falkor – Newsletter – remove code that was changing “Last name” to “Surname”.
    9. New: Updated videos & descriptions on the tutorials tab.
    10. Fix: To Son Blog post – Freddie – click on Latest News.

    Version 5.0.7 (updated 18 Jan 2021)
    1. Fix: The Past Content – Tina – multiple instances on the same page.
    2. Fix: Fill Me Portfolio – Impi – categories.
    3. Fix: Pop Product – Freddie, Valley Products – Freddie, Open Windows Products – Freddie – price styles after Divi 4.8 update.

    Version 5.0.6 (updated 5 Jan 2021)
    1. Update: Box Person Slider – Impi – removed unnecessary code.
    2. Fix: Charge of Accordion – Tina – now works with two and more instances on the same page.
    3. Fix: Drowse Blog Post – Freddie – now shows more than one category.
    4. Fix: Not Dead Header Slider – Freddie – mobile screens.
    5. Fix: Wanna hear content – Tina – now works with two and more instances on the same page.
    6. Fix: Ragnar Pop-Up V8 – background clip on iPhone.

    2020 - Divi Den Pro Changelog

    Version 5.0.5 (updated 15 Dec 2020)
    1. Update: White Label Mode Home screen preview now works without saving the screen content first.
    2. Update: added a confirmation window for ‘Remove this domain’.
    3. Fix: White Label Mode Home screen code editor now saves the screen content.
    4. Fix: Twisted Navigation – Freddie – Frontend Builder.
    5. Fix: Label Blurb Module – Falkor – tablet and mobile styles.
    6. Fix: Talk Now Person – Tina – SVG shapes.

    Version 5.0.4 (updated 30 Nov 2020)
    1. Fix: Navigation menus in the Divi Visual Builder.
    2. Update: WordPress Customizer checkbox styles for better visibility.
    3. Update: Plugin helper text for Divi Theme Builder Tab.
    4. Update: Grey-out ‘save’ button in the layout finder for Divi Theme Builder templates. Added hover text ‘Auto-save not yet supported by the Divi Theme. First download, then import via Divi > Theme Builder’.

    Version 5.0.3 (updated 26 Nov 2020)
    1. Black Friday preparation: Updated styles, scripts and PHP templates for new plugin theme builder items: 17 Pop-Ups.
    2. Update: Load speed optimizations. Unload unused scripts and styles for pop-ups that work ‘on click’.

    Version 5.0.2 (updated 24 Nov 2020)
    1. Black Friday preparation: Added styles and scripts for: 15 new layouts and 57 modules. Publication scheduled for 24 and 25 November 2020.
    2. Black Friday preparation: Added styles and scripts for new Divi Theme Builder items: 7 navigation menus and 21 ‘404 Not Found’ pages. Publication scheduled for 26 and 30 November 2020.
    3. Black Friday preparation: Added styles, scripts and PHP templates for new Plugin Theme Builder items: 9 Coming Soon Pages and 17 Pop-Ups. Publication scheduled for 2 December 2020.
    4. Black Friday preparation: Added new master CSS changer file for Ragnar Collection.
    5. Fix: Info Mobile Menu – HTML code for the address and the social icons.
    6. Fix: Portability modal Divi UI miss-placed logo.
    7. Fix: Process Circle – Freddie – multiple instances on the same page.

    Version 5.0.1 (updated 17 Nov 2020)
    1. Fix: dashboard padding for various screen sizes.
    2. Fix: Not Dead Header Slider – Freddie – slider not showing.
    3. Fix: Wanna Hear Content – Tina – shape not showing.
    4. Update: WordPress Customizer text for custom mobile menus.

    Version 5.0.0 (updated 16 Nov 2020)
    1. Update: New user interface and styles for the plugin’s dashboard.
    2. Fix: Theme Builder’s and the Visual Builder’s tooltip styles.
    3. Fix: Columns styles in ‘Add a new Row’ modal.
    4. Update: license.txt file added to root folder.
    5. Update: Divi on the to fix the error notices.
    6. Update: Persist Admin Notices Dismissal code.
    7. Fix: All PHP_CodeSniffer errors & warnings.
    8. Fix: PHP notices.
    9. Fix: Resolved some JavaScript errors.
    10. Fix: The size of the Divi Den Pro frame in Theme Builder.
    11. Fix: Modify modals size and position in Frontend, Theme, the Newest User Experience Divi Builders.
    12. Add: Translation ready. Implemented WordPress i18n standards for internationalization.
    13. Update: Small improvements to contextual help text for users.
    14. Fix: CoCo Hot New Products and Twist Image Blog – columns.
    15. Fix: Display Header – Pegasus – enabled click on slides.
    16. Fix: He Belongs Header Slider – Tina – styles in the Frontend Builder.
    17. Fix: Postcard Blog – Impi – pagination.
    18. Fix: Single Blog Post templates – comments submit.
    19. Fix: How we work – Jackson – now works in any row on the page.
    20. Fix: Filter Blog – Pixie – now works if the showing authors is disabled.
    21. Fix: Wanna Hear Content – Tina and Talk Now Person – Tina – SVG code to not affect the Frontend Builder.
    22. Fix: She Talks Person Module – Tina and The Girl Header – Tina – slider auto animation.
    23. Fix: He pulled Navigation Menu – Freddie – images size.
    24. Update: Modified subscription administration actions in the membership area to make it less confusing. This includes ‘On Hold – Pause’ and ‘Cancel – End Permanently’ actions in – please see for details.

    Version 4.7.3 (updated 29 Sep 2020)
    1. New: 1 x Fight club homepage layout and 3 x Tina collection landing page layouts.
    2. New: 25 x modules – headers, contents, blurbs, pricing tables, and more.
    3. Fix: Blurred vision accordion – Freddie – now works with the local media files.
    4. Fix: Postcard blog – Impi – older entries style fixed.
    5. Fix: Talk now person – Tina – cross-browser compatibility issue fixed.
    6. Fix: Sometimes content – Tina – now it works with any title heading level.

    Version 4.7.2 (updated 13 Aug 2020)
    1. New: 7 Single Blog Post Pages and a Pricing Page.
    2. New: 3 Modules including a header, a pricing table and a testimonial module.
    3. New: 3 Free Page Layouts: Insurance Broker Homepage, Executive Coaching Homepage and Accounting Firm Homepage.
    4. Fix: Transparent Testimonials – Pixie – Automatic animation and arrows re-activated.
    5. Fix: Framed Blurb Module – Falkor – Style fixes.
    6. Fix: Hang on Slider – Freddie – Automatic animation wasn’t working as expected.
    7. Fix: Victor Pricing tables – Impi – You can now add two or more section instances on the same page.
    8. Fix: Stealin Video Content – Freddie – ‘Watch video’ text is now hidden during playback as expected.
    9. Notice: Next update will include a redesign of the dashboard and plugin tabs to make the plugin easier to use. It will also include an update to the layout finder navigation and categories to make it easier to navigate and find the layouts you need. Stay tuned for that update coming soon.

    Version 4.7.1 (updated 15 Jul 2020)
    1. Update: Recent responsive design improvements made for 4k screens were adjusted back to 1920px to make all Tina collection layouts uniform. Only 2 layouts and 9 modules affected. Tina Pricing V1 and Tina Magazine Homepage layouts from 4k screen width to fullHD (1920px). Please contact support if you have any questions.
    2. Fix: Flex styling issue for Wave Blog Module – Venus.
    3. Fix: Removed ‘Watch now’ text in ‘We Will Rock You Header’ when video is played.

    Version 4.7.0 (updated 9 Jul 2020)
    1. New: 4 Homepages, a Pricing Page and 2 Divi Theme Builder pages – Archive and Author.
    2. New: 26 Modules, including Headers, Footers, Content, Blurbs, Testimonials, Products, Video and Blogs.
    3. Fix: Bones Person – Freddie – removed an extra ‘<‘ character that was visible in the module.
    4. Fix: Modern Blog – Freddie – images were not visible.
    5. Update: Plugin description to be more clear.
    6. Fix: Wanna Hear Content – Tina Collection – image shape & animation for Firefox.
    7. Fix: All Day Blog – Tina Collection – JavaScript error that was duplicating the metadata.
    8. Fix: False ESC button event for Sections causing unexpected behaviour.
    9. Fix: Update process for specific hosting servers on Debian.

    Version 4.6.9 (updated 23 Jun 2020)
    1. Fix: Blurred Vision Accordion – Freddie – video wouldn’t stop when other video starts.
    2. Fix: Key To Accordion – Tina – divi animations wouldn’t work with this section on a page.
    3. Fix: Jamie Blog – categories.
    4. Fix: Start Today Content – broken style in the latest Divi.
    5. Fix: Range of small fixes and visual improvements to free and pro layouts related to recent WordPress and Divi updates.

    Version 4.6.8 (updated 27 May 2020)
    1. New: 21 Modules, including 4 Blurbs, 6 Content modules, 3 Sliders, 2 Portfolios, 2 Person modules, a Testimonial, a Numbers module, a Header and a Footer.
    2. New: 7 New Pages: 2 About Pages, 2 Slider Pages, 2 Portfolio Pages and a Homepage.
    3. Update: add loading animation to Freddie Homepage V1 for better user experience.
    4. Fix: encoding for custon avatars.
    5. Fix: Blurred Accordion Vision Blurb – images were not showing in some cases.
    6. Fix: Case Study – Falkor – fixed missing style.

    Version 4.6.7 (updated 7 May 2020)
    1. New: 22 Modules incl. 6 Blurbs, 7 Content, 3 Testimonials , Blog, Header, Footer, Projects, Contact Form & CTA.
    2. New: 7 New Homepages – Nail Salon, Printing, Security, Animal Shelter, Riding School, Ice Cream & Tina Collection V6.
    3. New: 2 Contact Pages, 2 Process Pages With Awesome Animations – A Must See & A Services Page.
    4. Fix: small backend UI fixes.
    5. Fix: Paladin Sign Up – Impi – broken style.
    6. Fix: Easy Babe Blurbs – Tina – style on mobile.

    Version 4.6.6 (updated 30 Apr 2020)
    1. Update: new server for plugin’s updates.
    2. Update: new tutorial – How to customize ANYTHING easily using developer tools.
    3. Update: new links for Master CSS files.
    4. Fix: Shake content – Tina – numbers not showing in some cases.

    Version 4.6.5 (updated 13 Apr 2020)
    1. Fix: Freddie headings – removed H tags so that animations work with any H tag.
    2. Fix: Lollipop Optin Module – styles after Divi update.
    3. Fix: Blue Eyed Person Module – hover effect.
    4. Fix: 2 Column Typography Style Blog Module – floating link glitch.
    5. Fix: You’re Hot contact form – appearence in Visual Builder.

    Version 4.6.4 (updated 8 Apr 2020)
    1. New: 11 Eye-popping Divi Accordion Modules in the Style of Tina.
    2. Fix: added compatibility with Freesoul Deactivate Plugins.
    3. Fix: Frametastic Person Module on mobile.
    4. Fix: Flame Blog avatars on pagination use.

    Versions 4.6.2 – 4.6.3 (updated 26 Mar 2020)
    1. New: 6 Tina pages, including 2 Services pages, Contact, Careers, About pages, and a Homepage.
    2. New: 26 Tina modules: blurbs, blogs, sliders, tabs, content, headers, and testimonials.
    3. Fix: user avatars loading for servers with specific PHP settings for special characters.
    4. Fix: Open Windows Footer social icons color – now you can use the settings. Please re-save the footer from the plugin library.

    Version 4.6.1 (updated 18 Mar 2020)
    1. Fix: Mega Menus after the latest Divi Theme update.

    Version 4.6.0 (updated 10 Mar 2020)
    1. New: 10 stunning Tina Content Pages with Sidebars.
    2. Fix: Miracle Footer – Email Optin label position.
    3. Fix: minor fixes to Tina modules after the latest Divi 4.4 update.

    Version 4.5.9 (updated 4 Mar 2020)
    1. Update: added compatibility with PHP 7.3 for the update functions.
    2. Fix: Right Left Blog Slider – Falkor for mobile views.

    Version 4.5.8 (updated 27 Feb 2020)
    1. New: 8 stunning Tina Email Optin Modules.
    2. New: 2 WooCommerce Product Templates for Divi Theme Builder.
    3. New: 2 New Diana Service pages and 13 Modules, including Content, Blurbs, Testimonials and CTA.
    4. Update: Added Hungarian language support.

    Version 4.5.7 (updated 24 Feb 2020)
    1. Fix: Easy Babe Blurbs on mobile views.
    2. Fix: He Belongs Header loading speed.
    3. Update: All Girls Blog Post Template – now you can show categories in the header.

    Version 4.5.6 (updated 13 Feb 2020)
    1. Fix: added compatibility with the latest version of WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math.
    2. Fix: Polaroid Blog – Pegasus category.

    Version 4.5.5 (updated 11 Feb 2020)
    1. New: Tina has Arrived! With 5 page layouts (4 home + 1 content) and 33 premade modules incl. 8 Blurbs, 5 Content, 4 Sliders, 4 Footer, 3 Person Modules, 3 Blog, 2 Testimonial, 1 Numbers, 1 Call To Action, 1 Video, 1 Tabs.
    2. New:  Upholsterer Homepage Layout.
    3. Fix: Freddie Gallery Sliders navigation and images.
    4. Fix: Plugin Cache notification on other plugins dashboard.
    5. Fix: Grandiose Mega Menu for mobile.
    6. Fix: Sassy Slider controllers on Edge browser.

    Version 4.5.4 (updated 6 Feb 2020)
    1. Fix: Freddie Put Out Products alignment.

    Version 4.5.3 (updated 5 Feb 2020)
    1. Update: now you can add custom links to Freddie’s Gallery modules images. Read tutorial here

    Version 4.5.2 (updated 3 Feb 2020)
    1. Fix: fixed navigation menus styles after the latest Divi Theme update.

    Version 4.5.1 (updated 31 Jan 2020)
    1. Fix: z-index bug for all menus after the latest Divi Theme update.
    2. Fix: all custom Diana Login Pages after latest WordPress updates.
    3. Fix: a conflict with Easy Social Feed plugin and other plugins that use Customize Alpha Color Control.
    4. Update: improved code for several Freddie Person Modules.

    Version 4.5.0 (updated 21 Jan 2020)
    1. New: 14 x Diana Collection Modules: content, testimonials, number counter, header and blurb modules.
    2. New: 2 x Diana Collection Layouts: Homepage and About Page.
    3. New: 5 x Freddie Collection Pricing Tables.
    4. Fix: removed global style for Falkor Blogs.

    Version 4.4.9 (updated 9 Jan 2020)
    1. New: Most Requested Outstanding Module in the Library – 7 x New Divi Gallery Modules in the style of the Freddie Collection. These should you make you really happy!
    2. Fix: several minor fixes after the latest Divi Theme updates.

    Version 4.4.8 (updated 3 Jan 2020)
    1. Fix: now Divi Builder tabs content is visible for Spanish and Italian languages.
    2. Update: improved thumbnails saving for layouts and modules.
    3. Update: temporarily removed Custom Scrollbar because it conflicts with the latest Divi Theme.

    2019 - Divi Den Pro Changelog

    Version 4.4.7 (updated 17 Dec 2019)
    1. New: 15 New Divi Person Modules with mind-blowing animations. Made in the style of the Freddie Collection. Enjoy!
    2. Fix: Petticoat Content Blurb – tablets and mobile style issues.
    3. Fix: removed default Divi styles for custom post types (
    4. Update: now plugin shows builder tabs when WordPress and Divi uses Italian language.

    Version 4.4.6 (updated 11 Dec 2019)
    1. Update: now plugin shows builder tabs when WordPress and Divi uses German, French, Spanish and Dutch languages.
    2. Fix: Freddie Satisfied Blurb.
    3. Fix: link to a help article in notifications.
    4. Fix: various small fixed to Freddie, Coco and Diana modules after latest Divi Theme update.

    Version 4.4.5 (updated 5 Dec 2019)
    1. Update: now additional Theme Builder iframe is hidden in WL Mode.
    2. Fix: removed global css from Mermaid Bundle.
    3. Update: improvements to Mermaid Buttons animations.

    Version 4.4.4 (updated 4 Dec 2019)
    1. New: Photographer Homepage Layout V2. Enjoy!
    2. Fix: Venus Topic FAQ – items align.
    3. Update: Pixie css – removed global rules.
    4. Fix: Freddie Friends Header Slider – arrows hover for FireFox.
    5. Fix: Sigmund Homepage V2 – Social Links Titles.
    6. Fix: Freddie Sidewalk Header – animation for small screeens.
    7. Fix: Divi Frontend Builder pop-up windows height for small screens.

    Version 4.4.3 (updated 2 Dec 2019)
    1. New: 16 Divi Buttons from Mermaid Collection – Updated so you can use them as single modules + Hover animations are compatible with Divi 4.
    2. Fix: Webdesign Product Page – Freddie styles for Divi 4.
    3. Update: raised php values requirements according to new Divi’s requirements.

    Version 4.4.2 (updated 28 Nov 2019)
    1. New: 2 x Divi WooCommerce Shop Pages, WooCommerce Shop Modules, 2 x Headers and a Footer.
    2. Fix: Venus – Wave Blog Module after Divi Theme Update.

    Version 4.4.1 (updated 26 Nov 2019)
    1. New: 18 x New Divi Navigation Menu Templates – Made for Divi Theme Builder. Mouth-watering menus for desktop, tablet & mobile devices.

    Version 4.4.0 (updated 25 Nov 2019)
    1. New: 10 x Divi Theme Builder Templates including Blog Posts, Search Results, Tag & Category Archive Pages and Sensational Comment Styles.
    2. Lifetime Licences only for Black Friday – Get yours here:

    Version 4.3.9 (updated 22 Nov 2019)
    1. New: 8 new homepage layouts for Black Friday Layout Mania: Taxi, Tea shop, Summer Camp, Tailor, Surf Club, Craft Beer, Translator and Farming.
    2. Coming on Monday 25 Nov: 10 x Divi Theme Builder Templates including Blog Posts, Search Results, Tag & Category Archive Pages and Sensational Comment Styles.
    3. Lifetime Licences only for Black Friday – Get yours here:
    4. Fix: Freddie Drown Blog – excerpt cut script.
    5. Fix: Lifestyle Slider – CoCo – two instances of the same slider.
    6. Fix: Stately Mega Menu styles.
    7. Fix: Additional Divi Den icons (Frontend Builder).

    Version 4.3.8 (updated 31 Oct 2019)
    1. Fix: all custom menus for Frontend and Theme Builder – now you can edit everything.
    2. Fix: Falkor Centered Content styles.

    Version 4.3.7 (updated 29 Oct 2019)
    1. Fix: Freddie transitions styles and scripts.
    2. Fix: Freddie Centered Content styles.

    Version 4.3.6 (updated 28 Oct 2019)
    1. Fix: Portability window’s height in Frontend Builder.
    2. Fix: Diana Magnificent Mega menu image change on hover.
    3. Fix: Divi Dividers when a Pegasus Header is on the page.

    Version 4.3.5 (updated 21 Oct 2019)
    1. New: added general support for Divi Theme Builder. You can use all our layouts and modules except Archive Templates. Support for them will come in the next versions of the plugin. You still can use Divi Den Pro setting in the Theme Customizer as usual if you do not overwrite them with Divi Theme Builder.
    2. Fix: all headers after the latest Divi update.
    3. Fix: Search fields after the latest Divi update.
    4. Fix: Divi Frontent and Backend Builders bugs after the latest Divi update.
    5. Fix: Sassy Slider – Coco when 2 and more sliders are on the same page.

    Version 4.3.4 (updated 15 Oct 2019)
    1. New: Woocommerce Single Product Page, a Shop Module, a Single Product module and 13 new blurbs. Enjoy!
    2. New: Wedding Homepage Layout.

    Version 4.3.3 (updated 9 Oct 2019)
    1. Update: added a spinner to indicate layout / section saving process.
    2. Fix: New Section button padding in Divi Frontend Builder.
    3. Fix: Event Filtered Portfolio module styles.
    4. Fix: Valley Products module – adding the the cart.

    Version 4.3.2 (updated 3 Oct 2019)
    PLEASE CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE AFTER THAT UPDATE. (Press CTRL+F5 on the Divi Den Pro dashboard page)
    1. Fix: the issue when Divi Library JSON items were saved with wrong image URLs.
    2. Fix: Good Old Button – Freddie when there are several buttons on one page.
    3. Fix: Sweet Lady Slider – Freddie – speed on manual slide switching.

    Version 4.3.1 (updated 26 Sep 2019)
    1. New: 2 Freddie Blog Pages, 1 Shop Page and 8 new Freddie Modules, including 2 Shop Modules, an Email Optin and 2 Blog Modules. Enjoy!
    2. New: 4 Layouts for Model, Novelists, Psychologist and Ski Holiday Homepages.
    3. Fix: Fairy Kind Header fix for src tag.
    4. Fix: Start Today Content when 2 and more modules are on the same page.
    5. Fix: a lot of small fixes to all bundles after the lates Divi Theme update.

    Version 4.3.0 (updated 17 Sep 2019)
    1. New: Freddie Homepage and 7 new Freddie Modules, including a FAQ Module and an Email Optin. Enjoy!
    2. New: 7 Homepages for Dietitian, Factory, Flooring, Movers, Logistics, Kindergarten and Massage Therapist.
    3. Update: Elegant Themes resolved json import/export bug which caused imports to fail. Divi Den Pro updates could not be published during the last 3 weeks due to this bug. We are happy to report is has been fixed in Divi Theme update V3.29 ( updated 09-12-2019 ) [Changelog text – Fixed the issue when Divi Library JSON layouts were imported without the Type attribute and wrong image URLs.] See here 
    4. Fix: Our Films Content – Freddie – video playing in the background.
    5. Fix: Counter Number modules compatibility with Custom Scrollbar.
    6. Fix: Fairy King Header – Freddie images switching.
    7. Fix: Case Study Video Content video lightbox.
    8. Fix: Card Slider Impi when two or more sliders added to the same page.

    Version 4.2.9 (updated 30 Aug 2019)
    1. Fix: Global Menus when fixed to the top.
    2. Fix: Event Filtered Portfolio – Freddie in FireFox.
    3. Fix: Pixie modules fixes after latest Divi updates.

    Version 4.2.8 (updated 27 Aug 2019)
    1. Fix: Diana and Pegasus modules after latest Divi updates.

    Version 4.2.7 (updated 22 Aug 2019)
    1. Fix: Coco modules and layouts after latest Divi updates.
    2. Fix: Freddie Our Films Content and Freddie Stealin Video Content.

    Version 4.2.6 (updated 21 Aug 2019)
    1. Fix: Our films Content video pop-up.

    Version 4.2.5 (updated 20 Aug 2019)
    1. New: Freddie Film Studio Page and 5 new Freddie Modules. Enjoy!
    2. New: 2 new Freddie Filtered Events Portfolio by feature request from a Divi Den Pro member.
    3. New: Coco Circle Button by feature request from a Divi Den Pro member.
    4. Fix: many fixes for Freddie after the latest Divi update for modules on Home Page V1, Home Page V2, Home Page V5, Home Page V6, Team Page V1, Visual Progress Bar Page, Music Studio Home Page, Custom Navigation Menus.

    Version 4.2.4 (updated 12 Aug 2019)
    1. Update: autoslide option now works for all sliders.

    Version 4.2.3 (updated 6 Aug 2019)
    1. Fix: automatic slide for Sweet Lady Slider and Sidewalk Header Slider.
    2. Fix: Sidewalk Header Slider navigation.

    Version 4.2.2 (updated 6 Aug 2019)
    1. New: Freddie Home Page + 5 new Freddie Modules + 5 new Demo Layouts. Enjoy!
    2. Update: load speed improvements for ajax and frontent pages.
    3. Fix: Font Awesome for Unicorn Pricing Tables.
    4. Fix: Mozart Accountant quote symbols.

    Version 4.2.1 (updated 24 Jul 2019)
    1. Fix: several responsive fixes and improvements to the Freddie Headers and Sliders.

    Version 4.2.0 (updated 23 Jul 2019)
    1. New: 8 new Freddie Headers and Sliders. Enjoy!
    2. Fix: Divi Den Custom Icons for The Newest Divi Experience builder.

    Version 4.1.9 (updated 22 Jul 2019)
    1. Fix: Unicorn Contact 4 Accordion tabs when a Pixie element is on the same page.
    2. Update: better Navigation Menus work with Blank Page Template.
    3. Fix: direct anchor links in Freddie menus.
    4. Fix: The Visual Progress Bar when a fixed top menu is enabled.

    Version 4.1.8 (updated 18 Jul 2019)
    1. Update: improved compatibility with the latest Divi experience builder.
    2. Fix: Tutti Frutti Content module anchor links.

    Version 4.1.7 (updated 17 Jul 2019)
    1. Update: Improved reliability of API license validation to reduce unwanted caching of save & load buttons for new users.
    2. Update: Small text changes in the layout finder to improve clarity and usability.

    Version 4.1.6 (updated 9 Jul 2019)
    1. New: Alive On Time Person Module – Freddie. A custom module made by feature request from a Divi Den Pro member.
    2. Fix: smoother loading for navigation menus.
    3. Fix: navigation menu compatibility with various onload animations.

    Version 4.1.5 (updated 5 Jul 2019)
    1. Update: better compatibility for Navigation Menus, Sticky Bars and Pop-Ups when they are enabled at the same time.
    2. Fix: Frontend Builder scrolling when certain Navigation Menus are enabled.
    3. Fix: Live With You Blurbs for IE.
    4. Fix: Make Things CTA and Wavy Footer scripts loading in some cases.

    Version 4.1.4 (updated 2 Jul 2019)
    1. New: Freddie Home Studio Page Layout and 8 new modules. Enjoy!
    2. New: Circle Process Content Module by popular demand.
    3. Fix: API manager now releases the API key for the current domain on the plugin deactivation.
    4. Update: added a banner image template for Diana Single Blog – Right Sidebar to the Theme Builder.

    Version 4.1.3 (updated 21 Jun 2019)
    1. New: brand new designer-made Divi Audio Modules are here! You will love these designs.
    2. New: a plugin setting to change position of the Divi Den Pro tab in the Divi Builder interface. The tab moved into the last position by default.
    3. Update: better styles for Divi Frontend Builder interface.

    Version 4.1.2 (updated 13 Jun 2019)
    1. New: Freddie Visual Progress Bar Page by your demand. Enjoy!
    2. Update: Freddie footers now work with the WordPress Customizer.
    3. Fix: links for Pixie Link List Blurb.
    4. Fix: automatic slide animation for Impi Circle Click slider.
    5. Fix: Freddie We Created Footer with a custom scrollbar.
    6. Update: ajax admin url works for multisites and sites in sub-folders.

    Version 4.1.1 (updated 5 Jun 2019)
    1. New: 3 Freddie layouts: 2 Home pages and a Team page. 14 Freddie modules: headers, footers, blog, content, testimonials… Enjoy!
    2. Update: Divi Frontend Builder fixes for Jackson, Mozart, Mermaid and Unicorn.
    3. Fix: weird Frontent Builder layout when a Custom Global Nabigation is enabled.
    4. Fix: several Mermaid and Unicorn fixes after latest Divi updates.

    Version 4.1.0 (updated 30 May 2019)
    1. New: Customise Divi Back to Top button. Change its position, colors, icon, add text… Have fun with it!

    Version 4.0.9 (updated 28 May 2019)
    1. New: 5 new Freddie Navigation Menus. Enjoy!
    2. Fix: smooth loading for Navigation and Mega Menus.

    Version 4.0.8 (updated 23 May 2019)
    1. New: 3 fully customizable Mobile Menus. Settings to change the Default Divi Mobile Menu. Enjoy!
    2. Fix: Sticky Bar cookies script.
    3. Update: Divi Frontend Builder improvements for Jackson layouts.

    Version 4.0.7 (updated 15 May 2019)
    1. Fix: better Firefox browser support for animations and transitions.
    2. Update: various adjustments for smoother page transitions.

    Version 4.0.6 (updated 15 May 2019)
    1. New: 25 x Freddie Modules & 3 Home Page Layouts. Enjoy!
    2. Fix: Custom Scrollbar and Divi Frontend Builder compatibility.
    3. Fix: Custom Scrollbar and Freddie Page Transitions compatibility.
    4. Fix: Pegasus buttons z-index after latest Divi updates.

    Version 4.0.5 (updated 13 May 2019)
    1. Fix: Custom Scrollbar and Freddie Page Transitions compatibility.
    2. Load Layout tab backend changes for the Classic Divi Builder.

    Version 4.0.4 (updated 9 May 2019)
    1. Fix: Custom Scrollbar and Gimmi the Prize Menu – Freddie compatibility.
    2. Fix: a patch for web-kit browsers’ margin bug when a custom scrollbar is enabled.

    Version 4.0.3 (updated 8 May 2019)
    1. New: Customise the browser scrollbar. Works in all modern browsers and, wait for it… IE (internet explorer 8+). Have fun with it!
    2. Fix: now you can use two and more Warrior Slider Portfolio – Impi modules on one page.

    Version 4.0.2 (updated 6 May 2019)
    1. Fix: Custom Pop-Ups for specific server set-ups.
    2. Update: compatibility with Divi Flip Cards plugin.
    3. Update: restricted use of special characters for WL mode plugin title.
    4. Update: better notifications in plugin dashboard.

    Version 4.0.1 (updated 29 Apr 2019)
    1. Fix: Freddie Gimmi the Prize Menu and Doing All Right Content compatibility.

    Version 4.0.0 (updated 25 Apr 2019)
    1. New: 50 x Freddie Button Modules with awesome animations. Enjoy!

    Version 3.9.9 (updated 22 Apr 2019)
    1. Fix: removed php notices and fixes css errors for Pixie Headers.
    2. Update: added Falkor and Freddie footers to Customizer.

    Version 3.9.8 (updated 19 Apr 2019)
    1. Update: removed not-needed font styles.
    2. Fix: added scroll for Diana pop-ups on mobile.

    Version 3.9.7 (updated 17 Apr 2019)
    1. Update: Upgrade to the API key system. Greater speed, security and simplicity for site activations. API Email field no longer required. No further action needed – transition should be seamless.

    Version 3.9.6 (updated 15 Apr 2019)
    1. Update: added Poppins Google font to the plugin fonts by your requests.
    2. Fix: WordPress Theme and Plugin Editor now works for all servers and PHP versions when the plugin is active.
    3. Fix: Diana mega menus and Stately Blog, Falkor Frame Blurb and Mermaid Timeline Slider.

    Versions 3.9.4-3.9.5 (updated 8 Apr 2019)
    1. New: 7 x Freddie Modules & Home Page Layout. 2 x Freddie Global Navigation Menus. Enjoy!

    Version 3.9.3 (updated 3 Apr 2019)
    1. Update: added additional Frontend Builder improvements for many modules.
    2. Update: now you can use two and more Venus Topic FAQ Modules on one page.
    3. Fix: responsive for Diana Princely Slider.

    Version 3.9.2 (updated 21 Mar 2019)
    1. Fix: removed unnecessary output at the bottom of a page when Global Navigation is enabled.
    2. Fix: various fixes for Mozart, Pixie, Mermaid, Unicorn, Falkor, Venus, Jamie, Impi after Divi Theme updates.
    3. Update: added additional Frontend Builder improvements for many modules.

    Version 3.9.1 (updated 19 Mar 2019)
    1. New: added 11 global navigation menus.
    2. Fix: Material Design icons for specific PHP versions.
    3. Update: added additional Frontend Builder improvements for many modules.

    Version 3.9.0 (updated 13 Mar 2019)
    1. New: Add more icons to Divi Builder. Now you can use free Font Awesome and Material Design icons for blurbs, buttons, overlays and other Divi Modules.
    2. New: 2 Diana Home Pages and 14 Divi Modules.
    3. Fix: Impi Warrior Slider Portfolio for iPad Air.

    Version 3.8.9 (updated 4 Mar 2019)
    1. New: Global Headers Templates.
    2. Global H1-H6 styles – change headings styles.
    3. New: 6 Diana Layouts and 31 Diana modules.

    Version 3.8.8 (updated 27 Feb 2019)
    1. Fix: Falkor blurbs on hover.
    2. Update: added a link to Diana Master CSS Changer file.
    3. Update: added an option to make Global Navigation Menu fixed.

    Version 3.8.7 (updated 26 Feb 2019)
    1. Fix: columns width for tablets after Divi update.

    Version 3.8.6 (updated 18 Feb 2019)
    1. New: Global Footers, Login pages and Single Blog Post Templates.
    2. New: 5 new Diana layouts and 13 new modules: Headers, Contents, Footers and CTA
    3. Update: changes in customizer menus and other small backend fixes.
    4. Fix: Visual Builder scroll for mega menus.

    Version 3.8.5 (updated 12 Feb 2019)
    1. Fix: Coco forms scripts.
    2. Update: Mermaid Bracket Call Out Box Content – now you can use two and more on one page.
    3. Fix: footer columns for Coco, Mermaid and Pixie after Divi Theme update.

    Version 3.8.4 (updated 6 Feb 2019)
    1. Update: Mega menus now work on tablets and mobile. Please re-save Mega menus from the Theme Builder. Note, that all your changes to the Mega menu will be lost if you do it.

    Version 3.8.3 (updated 30 Jan 2019)
    1. Update: added a customizer option to prevent pop-ups css and js from autoloading – use it if you don’t need pop-ups on a click.

    Version 3.8.2 (updated 29 Jan 2019)
    1. Fix: Pegasus Frametastic Person Module navigation and links.

    Version 3.8.1 (updated 28 Jan 2019)
    1. Fix: Pegasus Frametastic Person Module images and social icons.

    Version 3.8.0 (updated 27 Jan 2019)
    1. Fix: removed unwanted PHP warnings and notices.

    Version 3.7.9 (updated 24 Jan 2019)
    1. New: introducing a new feature: from now on you can rename Divi Library items for 404 Pages, Coming Soon, Sticky Bars, Pop-Ups and Menus. You also can add your custom PHP Templates. Learn how to do it: .
    2. New: 3 new Diana pages: 2 Home Pages and an About Page, 12 new modules.
    3. New: 3 Pop-Up PHP Templates and a Mega Menu PHP Template.
    4. Update: various fixes and stability improvements for Sticky Bars, Menus, 404 Pages, Pop-Ups.

    Version 3.7.8 (updated 21 Jan 2019)
    1. Fix: 404 Page Templates for specific servers.

    Version 3.7.7 (updated 18 Jan 2019)
    1. Fix: various fixes and stability improvements for Sticky Bars when Fixed Divi Navigation is enabled.
    2. Update: Jamie Hotel Offers slider – now you can use more than one on the same page.

    Version 3.7.6 (updated 15 Jan 2019)
    1. New: 4 Pop-Ups. Now you can use premade Pop-Ups to show them on pages using the WordPress Customizer and Divi Builder. Manual triggers on click are also included.
    2. Small improvements in plugin dashboard interface.

    Version 3.7.5 (updated 10 Jan 2019)
    1. New: 9 Sticky Bars. Now you can use premade Sticky Bars to show them on pages using the WordPress Customizer and Divi Builder.

    Version 3.7.4 (updated 7 Jan 2019)
    1. Update: Coco image load animation triggered only once now.
    2. Fix: removed several warnings for some PHP confgurations on specific servers.

    Version 3.7.3 (updated 7 Jan 2019)
    1. New: 2 Coming Soon Pages. Now you can use premade Pro layouts to set up a Coming Soon Page using the WordPress Customizer and Divi Builder.
    2. New: 4 new demo pages.
    3. Fix: Font Awesome CDN link.

    2018 - Divi Den Pro Changelog

    Version 3.7.2 (updated 21 Dec 2018)
    1. Update: further updates to improve usability of Coco and Sigmund sections in the Divi Visual Builder.
    2. Fix: Sigmund Support Form, Text Effect Slider, Landscape Pricing Tables, Tall Pricing Tables.

    Version 3.7.1 (updated 18 Dec 2018)
    1. Further updates to improve clarity and usability of navigation menus & PHP Templates. Find all new features on the Divi Den Pro dashboard under the Theme Builder Tab. Read FAQs and watch videos for more info.

    Version 3.7.0 (updated 18 Dec 2018)
    1. Great new features added today. Navigation menus & PHP Templates. Now you can use premade Pro layouts for archive pages, 404 pages, search results and top navigation menus using the WordPress Customizer and Divi Builder. Find these new features on the Divi Den Pro dashboard under the PHP Templates tab changed to Theme Builder Tab.

    Version 3.6.7 (updated 10 Dec 2018)
    1. Add: New Diana Modules & Layouts: 2 Home Pages and 14 new Diana modules. Enjoy!
    2. Update: style improvements for plugin’s tabs in new Divi Builder.
    3. Update: Add new section works in Visual Builder for all languages.

    Version 3.6.6 (updated 3 Dec 2018)
    1. Fix: Impi Warrior Slider Portfolio module – wrong extra character removed.

    Version 3.6.5 (updated 28 Nov 2018)
    1. Add: New Impi Modules & Layouts: 3 Inside Pages and 7 new Impi modules. Enjoy!
    2. Update: now it’s possible to use two and more Mermaid Timeline Tab Sliders on one page.

    Version 3.6.4 (updated 26 Nov 2018)
    1. Update: Sigmund Big Pop Person module auto-slide added.

    Version 3.6.3 (updated 23 Nov 2018)
    1. Fix: Font Awesome CDN link.
    2. Fix: saving modules with specials characters on not-UTF-8 servers.

    Version 3.6.2 (updated 16 Nov 2018)
    1. Add: New Impi Modules & Layouts: 6 Inside Pages and 4 Home Page layouts, 39 new Impi modules. Enjoy!
    2. Fix: 404 error for wordpress ajax requests on specific servers for not-logged in users.

    Version 3.6.1 (updated 13 Nov 2018)
    1. Update: Jamie animation works one time on page load.
    2. Fix: Jackson styles for page’s body overflow.

    Version 3.6.0 (updated 6 Nov 2018)
    1. Fix: various modules after last Divi Theme update.

    Version 3.5.9 (updated 5 Nov 2018)
    1. Fix: CTA after latest Divi update.

    Version 3.5.8 (updated 31 Oct 2018)
    1. Fix: hovers and Social Follow module after last Divi Theme update.
    2. Fix: background for forms fields when browser auto fill feature is enabled.
    3. Update: better Coco animations for forms fields.
    4. Update: faster load animation for Divi Load Layout window when Premade Layouts are hidden in WL mode.

    Version 3.5.7 (updated 30 Oct 2018)
    1. Add: New Coco Modules & Layouts: 2 Coco Layouts: Clean Contact Page and History Page, 6 new Coco modules. Enjoy!

    Version 3.5.6 (updated 26 Oct 2018)
    1. Update: better White Label mode compatibility with Divi Animations.
    2. Fix for ‘Find New Pro Modules’ and ‘To Continue – Save and Reload Page’ buttons.

    Version 3.5.5 (updated 25 Oct 2018)
    1. New: White label mode enhancement: Now you can hide the Elegant Themes Free Premade Layouts tab from view. Works for Back-end builder and Front-end visual builder. Make sure your clients to not see Free layouts.

    Version 3.5.4 (updated 23 Oct 2018)
    1. Add: New Coco Modules & Layouts: 2 Coco service pages, 2 Coco landing pages, 11 new Coco modules. 4 new homepages: Hairdresser, Band, NGO and High School. Enjoy!

    Version 3.5.3 (updated 17 Oct 2018)
    1. Update: White Label mode enhancements.

    Version 3.5.2 (updated 15 Oct 2018)
    1. Fix: Divi Visual Builder when Pixie Transparent Testimonial Slider is loaded to a page.

    Version 3.5.1 (updated 12 Oct 2018)
    1. Add: New Coco Modules & Layouts. New Coco Home Page, Pricing and Ecommerce pages, Landscaping and Plumber Homepages. 10 new CoCo modules. Enjoy!

    Version 3.5.0 (updated 11 Oct 2018)
    1. Preview images for local sections and layouts are back! Now you can see them on ‘Add from library’ and ‘Load Layout’ screens. Works for all new saved from DDPro modules and layouts. Just re-save an old section / layout to add the preview image.
    2. Preview images work in Divi Visual Builder too.
    3. Now latest saved sections are on top of the list – you can see them right away.
    4. Small changes in plugin back-end for better user experience.
    5. Bonus: you can set up preview images for your custom sections (and change previews for DDPro sections too) – just navigate to Divi – Divi Library – Edit a Section – Set Up a Featured image – Save.
    6. Fix: mobile touch&drag for Coco sliders.

    Version 3.4.9 (updated 2 Oct 2018)
    1. Add: New Coco Modules & Layouts. Two Home Pages layouts. VET and Driving School Homepages. 16 new CoCo modules. Enjoy!
    2. Pegasus portfolios fix – now they show headers and descriptions.

    Version 3.4.8 (updated 27 Sep 2018)
    1. Add: New Coco Modules & Layouts. Pricing layout, Home Page layout. Electrician Homepage. Bunch of new CoCo modules. Enjoy!

    Version 3.4.7 (updated 24 Sep 2018)
    1. Fix: Impi Thumbnail Slider navigation.

    Version 3.4.6 (updated 21 Sep 2018)
    1. Add: New Coco Modules & Layouts. Woocommerce layout. Dentist & Personal Trainer Homepages. Bunch of new CoCo modules. Enjoy!

    Version 3.4.5 (updated 18 Sep 2018)
    1. Fix: Venus headers and forms.

    Version 3.4.4 (updated 17 Sep 2018)
    1. Fix: Venus Topic FAQ module.

    Version 3.4.3 (updated 13 Sep 2018)
    1. Update: Added new CSS classes to Portfolio Modules to ensure animations are applied correctly when multiple modules are used simultaneously.

    Version 3.4.2 (updated 11 Sep 2018)
    1. Add: Ability to update Venus Wave Blog Module filter text “All” to another language. Add new word to the CSS ID of the Venus Wave Blog Module custom CSS for the update to show.

    Version 3.4.1 (updated 7 Sep 2018)
    1. Update: removed unnecessary console messages.
    2. Fix: now you can use 2 and more Coco Fresh Headers on one page.
    3. Add: preparations for Mermaid birthday celebration.

    Version 3.4.0 (updated 6 Sep 2018)
    1. Add: 4 x New Page Layouts and 7 x New Divi Modules for Impi Collection.
    2. Fix: Wave Blog Module hover effect.

    Version 3.3.9 (updated 31 Aug 2018)
    1. Fix: Wave Blog Module filter (when posts have 2 and more categories).
    2. Fix: Falkor Pencil cta animation.
    3. Add: Dismissible notice to clear browser cache for new users who do not see the save or load button.

    Version 3.3.8 (updated 30 Aug 2018)
    1. Fix: Idea Person Module for Coco Collection.

    Versions 3.3.7 (updated 30 Aug 2018)
    1. Add: 2 x New Page Layouts and 9 x New Divi Modules for Coco Collection – headers, blurbs, footers, testimonials, call to actions, sliders, forms, a homepage and a contact page.
    2. New: Dashboard – 3 new video tutorials under ‘Start Here’ tab.

    Versions 3.3.6 (updated 28 Aug 2018)
    1. Update: ‘We Make Header’ Sigmund header to use any amount of words.
    2. New: Dashboard – 4 new video tutorials under ‘Start Here’ tab.

    Versions 3.3.5 (updated 24 Aug 2018)
    1. New: Helpful video tutorials added to Pro Plugin Dashboard ‘Start Here’ tab. More to follow.
    2. Update: Pro Plugin Tab text update and sort order for improved clarity.
    3. Fix: Venus Ui Kit – Blog module pagination bug resolved.

    Versions 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 (updated 23 Aug 2018)
    1. Add: 2 x New Page Layouts and 12 x New Divi Modules for Coco Collection – headers, blurbs, footers, testimonials, persons, call to actions, sliders & homepages.

    Version 3.3.2 (updated 22 Aug 2018)
    1. Update: buttons align for iPhone.
    2. Update: Help / Feedback tab works even without API key activation.
    3. Fix: video pop-up close button.
    4. Fix: Pixie titles tags after form submit.

    Version 3.3.1 (updated 21 Aug 2018)
    1. Fix: Pixie blog and form modules.

    Version 3.3.0 (updated 20 Aug 2018)
    1. Fix: Pegasus footer modules.

    Version 3.2.9 (updated 16 Aug 2018)
    1. Update: Added code to support use of native Divi ‘onload’ animations in combination with custom Divi Den modules.
    2. Update: added code to support ‘slide automatically’ setting for all custom Divi Den slider modules.
    3. Add: 7 x New Page Layouts for Sigmund Collection – blog, services, team, pricing & homepages.
    4. Add: 36 x New modules for Sigmund Collection – headers, blurbs, person, portfolio, testimonial, tabs, contact forms, sliders, CTA, Content & Pricing tables.

    Version 3.2.8 (updated 13 Aug 2018)
    1. Update: Fancybox scripts to work with specific nginx servers.

    Version 3.2.7 (updated 10 Aug 2018)
    1. Fix: Fancybox scripts for video pop-ups.
    2. Update: Change to plugin message notifications to be more descriptive.

    Version 3.2.6 (updated 10 Aug 2018)
    1. New: Unlimited free updates, even for paused subscriptions. Requires active API key.
    2. Update: Change to plugin message notifications to be more descriptive.

    Version 3.2.5 (updated 6 Aug 2018)
    1. Update: Now you can use 2 and more sliders on one page.

    Version 3.2.4 (updated 3 Aug 2018)
    1. Add: First entries for Coco Collection layouts, modules, blurbs, sliders, footers, optins, pricing tables, css, scripts.

    Version 3.2.3 (updated 2 Aug 2018)
    1. Pegasus video pop-up bugs resolved.
    2. Update: now you can use separate Jamie sections without loading the whole layout.

    Version 3.2.2 (updated 1 Aug 2018)
    1. Fix: Sigmund Big Pop person and Accordion modules bugs resolved.
    2. Update: Sigmund Master CSS file for more accurate CSS rules.

    Version 3.2.1 (updated 31 Jul 2018)
    1. Fix: Sigmund Animated Header module text animation bug resolved
    2. New: White Label Homescreen preview button added. See page preview without activating White Label Mode

    Version 3.2.0 (updated 27 Jul 2018)
    1. Fix: Pixie content modules.

    Version 3.1.9 (updated 26 Jul 2018)
    1. Add: New entries for Impi Collection: Home and Service page layouts + 7 new modules: blog, pricing tables, sliders & blurbs.

    Version 3.1.8 (updated 24 Jul 2018)
    1. Add: New entries for Sigmund Collection – 5 x Divi contact page layouts + contact forms + Our Office page layout.

    Version 3.1.7 (updated 23 Jul 2018)
    1. Add: New entries for Jamie Collection – 4 person modules.
    2. Fix: Falkor header modules.
    3. Fix: Mermaid contact form modules.

    Version 3.1.6 (updated 20 Jul 2018)
    1. Fix: Falkor blog modules

    Version 3.1.5 (updated 20 Jul 2018)
    1. New: Jamie Collection added. 11 new Divi page layouts for Bar, Restaurant, Hotel & Travel and Hospitality.
    2. Add: First entries for Jamie Collection layouts, modules, css, scripts
    3. Fix: Mermaid Blurbs

    Version 3.1.4 (updated 19 Jul 2018)
    1. New: Impi collection added. 5 awesome Blurb modules
    2. Add: First entries for Impi Blurb modules, css, scripts

    Version 3.1.3 (updated 18 Jul 2018)
    1. New: Sigmund collection added.
    2. Add: First entries of Sigmund layouts, modules, css, scripts.
    3. Update: Find layouts navigation & filters to make it easier to use.

    Version 3.1.2 (updated 12 Jul 2018)
    1. Fix: pegasus blurbs.
    2. Update: Pegasus Polaroid Blog Module now shows up to 3 lines of a title.

    Version 3.1.1 (updated 11 Jul 2018)
    1. Fix: Pegasus slider arrows when you have two or more sliders on one page.

    What People Say

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