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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 7 day free trial work?

How long does the trail last?
The trial lasts for 7 days.

What do I get during the trial period?
You get full and unrestricted access to all products and services included with the Divi Den Pro Plugin. You can use all layouts & modules and test everything you want. Build pages to your heart’s content.

Which license should I choose?
Choose the license option most likely to suit your needs. 1 site / 5 sites or Unlimited sites.
For example:
If you have a live site and 2 staging sites, it might be better to go for the 5 site license to avoid having to swap out license keys if you want to go bigger. If you have more than 5 sites, then Unlimited sites is the way to go.

Can I upgrade to a different license during the 7 day trail?

Yes you can upgrade at again time.

How do I cancel the free trial?

It’s very easy. Simply log into your account and click the “Cancel” button.

What License does Divi Den Pro come with?

It depends on which of the Pricing Options suits your web design requirements. We have a single license option that would serve a web designer looking after one website possibly a side hustle or a single project. The second Pricing Option suits a small business looking after up to five websites. Our agency Pricing Option is for web design studios that need the unlimited option.

What happens to my websites where I’ve used Divi Den Pro products if I cancel?

Your Divi Den Pro products will continue to work just fine. The white label will be active and you will receive updates as before.

Can I still have access to new layouts if I cancel?

When you cancel, you no longer have access to Divi Den Pro products. You are automatically moved to Divi Den Free Membership. Free layouts, modules and tutorials are still available to Divi Den Free Memberships.

Can I get a refund?

We have an easy refund policy in place. Provided you submit your refund claim within 30 days, we refund you the payment no questions asked. Please check our full refund policy here.

7 Day Free Trial – You can cancel anytime within the 7 free trial period.

How does licensing work exactly?

With your Pro Membership license you can
– Use all plugins & products on web design projects as a freelancer, company or privately according to the option you have selected
– Use all plugins & products and sell it once-off, or for a monthly fee, as part of a web design project

Please do not
– Do not sell “as is” in a store or give it away free
– Do not sell or give away to other web designers or compete against us using our own products

Please use the live chat (bottom right) or contact us if you have any questions at all.

Review our full Terms & Conditions.

Do I need a Divi Child Theme to use Divi Den Pro?

No, you do NOT need a Divi Child Theme 
– You can just use the Divi Core Theme along with the Divi Den Pro plugin. We have designed it this way so that you can run updates without issues.
– However, if you plan to make a lot of custom css changes, it will help to have child theme style.css file for managing all the lines of custom code. Like 300 or 500 lines of custom code will be easier to manage via a style.css file. Anything less than that you can just use Divi only.

What do you mean by White Label?

To the WordPress site administrator it will always appear that you are the developer of the plugin. And your brand is maintained as long as the plugin is installed and activated. Your hard work remains protected and your clients will always be yours.

Can I also upload my own templates to Divi Den Pro? Like on divi cloud?

At this time it is not possible yet. 
– But, we are working on this feature. So stay tuned.

What to do if i get the "FATAL Error..." on plugin activation?

Please check your PHP version and change it to a higher version. We strongly recommend you to use PHP 7.1 and higher. PHP 7.1 and higher is much faster and more secure.

Note that versions below 5.6 are not supported. Reference: http://php.net/supported-versions.php.

Contact support if you need further assistance.

Can't find answer?

Don’t worry, our award winning support team will help you.
Use the live chat (bottom right) or submit a support request.