14 Day Free Trial for Divi Den Pro

Build websites faster with premade page templates

How do I get access to the Divi Den Pro Library?

  • You get access by installing the premium WordPress plugin on your website.

View of the Divi Den Pro Layout Finder from the Plugin Dashboard / View of the Divi Den Pro Layout Finder from the Plugin Dashboard

How do I get the 14-day free trial?

  • The free trial is automatically added when you check out.

What do I get during the free trial?

  • You get full access to 2615 Divi Den Pro Library items including Divi layouts, Divi modules and Divi sections.
  • Test plugin features like navigation menus, the Divi theme builder, white label branding settings and much more.
  • You get full support and also a free online kickstarter call, if you want.
  • Look out for the welcome email titled “Getting started with Divi Den Pro – Tips, Tools and Support”

When do I pay?

  • When you sign up, you pay nothing at all.
  • After 14 days is over, and you wish to continue, the first payment is made.
  • You can still cancel anytime before the trial is over at no cost to you.

Why do you ask for payment information?

  • We do this to reduce fraud and provide a seamless subscription experience.
  • The Pro library contains many years of valuable work. Read what people say about our work.
  • Don’t worry, we will not charge you now. Guaranteed.

How do I cancel during the free trial?

  • Log into my account page. Find the order/subscription and click the “Cancel” button.
  • If you forget to cancel – don’t worry, the 30-day money-back guarantee always applies. Life happens.

What if I forget to cancel the free trial?

  • No problem! Even if you forget the 30-day money-back guarantee always applies.
  • Just email support, and we will refund you.

What happens to my work if I cancel during the free trial?

  • If you cancel during the free trial, your work is saved for one month (in case you change your mind).
  • If you reactivate your subscription and pay before the one month cut-off period, your work will be saved.
  • Otherwise, after one month, if no payment was ever collected the work will be permanently deleted.
  • You can sign up again at any time.

Learn more in the cancel anytime overview.

Do I lose my websites when I cancel? (no lock-in)

  • No you don’t. ​​There is no lock-in with Divi Den Pro. Your work belongs to you.
  • Everything you build before you cancel will always work and continue to receive free updates forever. Even without an active subscription.
  • To get free security and layout updates, we need some way to identify your site and confirm your license keys.
  • Be sure to keep the plugin installed and your API key activated. This is the only way to know the plugin and work, belongs to you.

Learn more in the cancel anytime overview.

Can I upgrade/downgrade during the 14-day trial?

  • Yes, you can. First, cancel the subscription you don’t want. Then buy the one you want.
  • Your API License Key does not change. Use the same API License key as before.
  • All your work is saved when you upgrade or downgrade.

Which license should I choose?

  • We offer license activation for 1 site, 5 sites, 10 sites or Unlimited sites.
  • All single site licenses get one extra domain activation for a staging site – 2 in total.
  • Each website where the plugin is activated counts towards your quota. If you reach your limit, simply remove a domain/site to make s space for another.
  • Release the API key by logging into the site where the plugin is installed.

Do I need a child-theme for my WordPress site?


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