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What happens when I cancel?

Get total flexibility. It’s easy to manage the Divi Den Pro Plan.

The Divi Den Pro Plugin Plan offers you access to hundreds of Divi Layouts, Modules and a range of Design Assets. New products are constantly added to the library. Also available in the plugin are bonus features such as a white label option, lifetime free updates and pro support.

Build professional looking websites in half the time without compromising design and quality.

Can I cancel?

It’s easy to manage the Divi Den Pro Plan. You can cancel at any time. And if you change your mind, you can reactive the Divi Den Pro plan whenever you wish to. Total flexibility.

What happens when I cancel?

When you cancel your chosen Divi Den Pro plan your account is automatically and immediately moved to “The Free Basic Plan”.

The Free Basic Plan works as follows:

  • You will continue to receive unlimited updates for plugins & products installed on any website. Example: If you have Divi Den Pro plugin installed on one or many sites, you can update that plugin for free, forever, as long as the API key remains activated.
  • Existing layouts & plugins still work – Any existing pages, modules and layouts created with Divi Den Pro, on any site, will not be changed or deleted as a result of cancelling your Divi Den Pro plan. It works just like before and you will continue to receive updates through the WordPress dashboard as long as the API key remains activated.
  • White label settings and branding remain active forever– Any existing pages, modules and layouts created with Divi Den Pro and with White Label branding will remain active indefinitely as long as the API key remains activated.
  • Free layouts are still available – all free layouts and modules can still be loaded and used on any website where Divi Den Pro plugin is installed.

The ONLY thing that changes:

  • When you cancel, You no longer have access to Pro products, PSDs, design assets or knowledge base articles – that means you cannot download products inside the Divi Den Pro area or build new pages with Pro layouts from the Divi Den Pro plugin library. This includes current layouts and modules in the library and any new products that we launch.

What happens when I reactivate my Divi Den Pro Plan?

Easily Manage the Divi Den Pro Plan by reactivating your previous plan. This you can do from the membership area. Upon reactivation you are automatically moved back to your previous “Divi Den Pro Plan”. For full details of the Divi Den Pro options learn more here.

  • All access is restored immediately – All Pro benefits such as access to Divi Theme Layouts and Modules, PSDs, design assets and knowledge base in the library are restored. This includes the new layouts that might have been added while you were away.  You simply continue where you left off.
  • Payment schedule continues like before – You will not be billed again until your paid period is up for renewal.
  • Renew subscription if required – If the paid period has expired during the time your subscription was cancelled, you will be taken to the checkout to renew your plan.



What People Say

In response to: “New Layout and Modules added to Divi Den Pro – Impi Collection”
Wow, really very nice. Divi Den Always makes something special, that’s why I like you guys (and girls 😉 )
– Ron A – Netherlands

Best layout packs out there! So easy to use, so versatile! Amazing support!
– David O  (Facebook review permalink)

I just checked it on mobile and the update you pushed looks great, you have the best support from any company that I have ever dealt with. Thank you again for all of your help.
– Amit K – USA

Thanks for the amazing customer service and quick responses! I’m loving Divi Den, hoping to use it for the many years to come. I’ve managed to teach myself how to set up the portfolio module🎉 The instructions were super simple to understand too. Once again thank you for answering all my questions.

They create awesome layouts for non-CSS people and their support team is top-notch. VERY responsive and they have saved me on tough items I could not figure out. If you want to work with a winning team on anything DIVI, check Divi Den out. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much, Divi Den for all your help and to Marko too!
– Sonia W  (Facebook review permalink)

Amazing creativity and design. Clear and easily identifiable layouts and premium design elements with brilliant ideas. (I have all you made, so please keep produce them)
– Ferenc S  (Facebook review permalink)

Love all the work you guys are putting into this – awesome work and great value! Thanks!
– Keith

LOVE LOVE LOVE your solutions and generosity with the fantastic layout packs. Your team is solid with it’s solutions and creativity. Thanks! I have the unicorn bundle and 3D portfolio.
– Cr8tivmedia