Build Your Ideal Website - No Coding Team Required

Your website requires a header, a footer and a menu. But don’t get stuck with limited options. Use our cloud library to save premade menus and WordPress core page templates for your site. Then insert them on your site, without touching PHP code.

Enjoy the flexibility of using premade designs for blog posts, category pages, tag archives and 404-not-found pages. Then take it to the next level with coming-soon pages, pop-ups and sticky bars.

Add-ons Come Free with Divi Den Pro

Keep reading to see what’s possible with Divi Den Pro, Divi Theme Builder and Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

Don’t do double the work. Do it once, then display it everywhere.

Use Divi Den Pro to set up one header, a footer and a menu. Then display them everywhere on your site at the same time. Making global changes can save you precious time.

Mega Menus

Get instant Divi Mega Menus for your website

Customise the menu style and content using the Divi Builder or the Plugin Theme Builder. With the Divi Den Pro plugin, you can browse for a variety of premade Menu designs including Mega Menus and standard Divi Navigation menus. Once you found the menu you want, simply import it, customise it and start using it right away.

404 Pages – “Page Not Found”

Help users navigate your site even if they land on a missing page

Premade 404 pages are shown when a visitor lands on a missing page. Maybe the page URL changed or the user made a typing error. Or somebody linked incorrectly to your website. With Divi Den Pro, you can choose a suitable premade layout and show that page to a website visitor. Give website visitors the best impression with a helpful and informative 404-page layout.

Premade Coming Soon Pages

Look more professional with a helpful coming soon page

Don’t let website visitors see half-built pages. Use a coming soon page. When you activate the coming soon page feature, you can edit your site stress-free, knowing that website visitors see something better. Help them contact you or sign them up for news.

How about making your own coming soon page?

Divi Sticky Bars

Take your conversions to the next level with Divi Sticky Bars

Sticky Bars are a great form of Call to Action or CTAs. Your website visitors are busy people. They skim your site like hungry animals looking for a quick solution to their problem. To catch their attention, use a Sticky Bar with a special message.

Divi Pop-Ups

Invite visitors to interact with your site at the right time

A pop-up is a graphical user interface (GUI) display area, usually a small window, that appears (“pops up”) in the foreground of the visual interface. It can be fully automated or triggered by the user by way of a click on a hyperlink.

You can use Divi Pop-Ups to invite visitors to interact with your social media accounts. Use a pop-up to answer FAQs or conduct a survey. Or how about growing your email list? Do this and more with Divi Den Pro.

Make a Single Blog Post Once

Publish one-off blog posts with a premade design style

Sometimes you want to experiment with a new post design but use it only once. With this method, the design style applies only to one blog post (not all at the same time).

To make all posts use the same style, see “Single Blog Post WordPress Customizer

Custom Global Headers

Display the same header design all over your website

Use a premade header from the Pro Library and update it to suit your needs. Or make your own custom header with any image, style or feature of your choice.

Add 2662 Icons to Divi

Icons communicate meaning without words

You demand awesome icons at your disposal. But finding the right icon can take some time. With Divi Den Pro you can get 2662 new icons and search for them by keyword. You can use any of these icons with confidence because they are free and open source. Good luck with your icon hunt!

Custom 404 Page Template

Help users navigate in “your” style, even if they land on a missing page.

It’s easy to make custom 404 pages with Divi Den Pro. Take inspiration from the web and do something original. Check out what’s possible.

Custom Divi Pop-Ups

Make your own pop-up that works magic for you

Use the built-in Divi pop-up functionality of Divi Den Pro to make the ideal pop-up. But what should you make first? Get pop-up ideas from our blog or go to the web and find some more.

Custom Mega Menu

Make custom Divi Mega Menus for your website

Did you see a cool Mega Menu and want to make your own version? Or maybe you want to build a Mega menu from scratch? See how to do in the video below.

Custom Coming Soon Page

Make your own coming soon pages that fit your brand

Whether you are building your own website or building for someone else, you want to make sure that first impressions last. No matter what state of completion the website is in, if the site can be opened in a browser, you must have a coming soon page. But make it funky!

Try your favourite search engine with this search term – “cool coming soon pages”.

Custom Sticky Bar

Take your sticky bars to the next level

Each website has a unique audience. When you choose a sticky bar style and behaviour, you want to make sure it appeals to your ideal audience. Your message should have impact and covert. You need to customise and test what works best. You can do it with Divi Den Pro.

For inspiration have a look at how uses sticky-bars. Then think about how you can use this knowledge on your website. 

Custom Login Page

Give your login screen a make-over

Every WordPress site has a login screen. It can be described with one word. Functional. Yes, it’s functional yet it’s boring. Forget about boring and do something bold. Why not “log in” with a Lol. Or “log in” with breathtaking beauty.

Get some ideas with this web search – “best WordPress login screens”. Then come and make your own.

Single Blog Post – Global Style

Get the same look and feel for every post

Use the WordPress visual customizer and Divi Den Pro to design your own single blog post page template. Adjust fonts, colours, sizes and more. You get 23 adjustable settings to make the perfect blog post layout.

Custom Global Heading Tags

Update all heading tags for consistency and SEO value

With this feature, you can update all h1 – h6 tags to have the same style. This means whenever you use an h-tag on your site like this <h1>Title</h1> it will look the same everywhere.

With Divi Den Pro you can style h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 without the need to code. Easy peasy.

Learn more at Yoast – How to use headings on your site.