The Popular New Divi Den Pro Pop-Up Feature

The Divi Pop-Up Feature

Example of a Premade Divi Pop-Up

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First of all! What is a Divi Pop-Up?

A pop-up is a graphical user interface (GUI) display area, usually a small window, that suddenly appears (“pops up”) in the foreground of the visual interface. It can be fully automated or triggered by the user by way of a click on a hot link.

What do you need a Divi Pop-Up for?

Do you or your client’s websites need Divi Pop-Ups? After all aren’t they really irritating and possibly off-putting to the site visitors? Yet they are used fairly regularly on websites. They come in a range of formats including Divi Pop-up forms to invite a sign-up to a newsletter, special offers, invitations to take part in a survey or beta testing. Some websites use a divi pop-up box to manage portfolio snippets or to offer search functionality. If you can think of a use-case, you can probably fashion a divi pop-up to make it work.

Besides the functionalities, pop-ups offer a further benefit as they provide an additional way to serve visitors information. These pop-ups can be placed anywhere on your website and can be triggered based on unique user interactions. When combining pop-ups with triggers, you can make your opt-in form even more effective.

Making your own Divi Pop-Ups

The Divi Den Pro Theme Builder Pop-Up feature helps you build custom pop-ups. Here are some ideas for what you might want to do with pop-ups for your next website project using the Divi Theme and the Divi Den Pro Theme Builder.

6 Great ideas for Pop-Ups

1. Invite your visitors to interact with your social media accounts. Whether you want more Facebook, Twitter or Instagram likes and followers or if you are asking your customers to leave reviews on Facebook or Google the Divi Pop-Up is a great way to remind your site users to join you on social media.

2. A pop-up can answer FAQs. Your support tickets or customer emails will tell you what your visitors might stumble over or need to know immediately. Use the Divi Pop-Ups to easily inform customers quickly and without the need to search for answers.

3. Promote something special. You might want to hand out a white paper or eBook, announce new training videos, offer a free product or promote some special deal. Any news item with a short or long shelf life can be promoted with pop-ups. Use the Divi Pop-Ups to generate leads as an added bonus.

4. Conduct a survey. Surveys are truly useful to get feedback from users on products and services. Get to know what new products and services your customers might like as well as what products might have bugs or problems. It’s also a way to get good testimonials, hopefully!

5. Grow an email list. The evergreen use for pop-ups is to collect an email list. In particular, many websites tend to use pop-ups to encourage visitors to sign up as they land, or as they are about to leave the website. But at the end of the day, a Divi Pop Up for email sign up can be placed anywhere on the site.

6. To provide more information. Use the Divi Den Pro Pop-Up feature to make pop-ups that offer more info. Useful for portfolio, very brief bio’s for team members, FAQs, special notices for store closing or holiday greetings and the list goes on.

The Divi Den Pro Theme Builder makes it Easy!

Pop-Ups now come standard with Divi Den Pro plugin at no extra cost. Watch our video below to see how easy it is to add pop-ups using the new Divi Den Pro Theme Builder. These are but a few ideas of how you can take your or your clients’ websites to new levels.

You will need the Divi Theme to be able to use the Divi Den Pro Plugin. Grab it here