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6 Colourful Divi services homepage layouts

This update brings 6 colourful and modern Divi homepage layouts for various services, taking the pro library to a total of 2821 items. The layouts cater to different needs and industries, providing a solid foundation for your website projects.

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8 New Divi portfolio page layouts | Showcase your portfolios

Each portfolio template has distinct sections for company background, user experience strategy, and project showcases, which are accompanied by call-to-action prompts such as “schedule your free consultation today” and encouragements to start a design journey with the firm. Check these out!

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Divi Den Pro’s 7 new Divi homepage layouts for Feb 2024

Discover the latest expansion to Divi Den Pro’s layout library. Our 2024 collection features 7 unique homepage layouts, each crafted to meet the diverse needs of web creators. From modern restaurants to chic coffee shops, our new additions are designed to make your web design journey smoother and more stylish.

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