Hello everyone,

We’re happy to share the addition of 8 new Divi portfolio page layouts to our library. These layouts have been carefully designed with attention to detail and an understanding of what makes a portfolio stand out.

With these new items, our library now has a total of 2821 items available for you to use. We hope these new layouts will help simplify your design workflows and inspire your creative endeavors.”

A collage of eight different Divi Den Pro portfolio webpage layouts featuring interior design themes with call-to-action buttons and design showcases.

Showcase of 8 New Portfolio Layouts by Divi Den Pro

Divi portfolio page layouts

These Divi portfolio templates are a collection of layouts inspired by interior design work. But you can adapt them to anything else. The designs feature a modern aesthetic with a focus on visual appeal and ease of navigation, incorporating spaces for both images and text to highlight the quality and range of the design services offered.

Each template has distinct sections for company background, user experience strategy, and project showcases, which are accompanied by call-to-action prompts such as “schedule your free consultation today” and encouragements to start a design journey with the firm. 

The use of a dark theme with bright accents helps make the images stand out, intending to draw potential clients into the work’s detail and ambiance.

Take a look at the demos below.

Portfolio Page 24 – V1

Portfolio Page 24 – V2

Portfolio Page 24 – V3

Portfolio Page 24 – V4

Portfolio Page 24 – V5

Portfolio Page 24 – V6

Portfolio Page 24 – V7

Portfolio Page 24 – V8

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