Welcome to our latest update, designed to enhance your blog’s visual appeal and functionality. We’re introducing 9 modern Divi blog layouts, 6 Divi person modules, and 2 blurbs as part of our exclusive Barbra Collection. These thoughtfully designed elements work in harmony with your existing Divi setup, so you can create a blog that distinguishes itself from the competition.

The addition of these 17 new sections expands your toolkit for crafting a unique and captivating blog. The Barbra Collection strikes a balance between aesthetics and practicality to present your content in the most effective manner possible.

With these new items, the pro library now has a total of 2821 items available for you to use.

A collage of modern Divi Blog layouts and team member photos showcased on a sleek, black-background website layout.

Modern Divi blog layouts by Divi Den Pro

9 Modern Divi Blog Layouts | Barbra Collection

The modern Divi blog layouts in the Barbra Collection has a clean, contemporary design that prioritizes your content. By artfully combining text and images, these layouts capture your readers’ attention and maintain their interest in your blog posts.

Each layout incorporates specific sections for showcasing blog entries, highlighting author profiles, and strategically placing call-to-action elements. These components collaborate to create an immersive reading experience that motivates visitors to go deeper into your content. With intuitive navigation and a focus on user experience, the Barbra Collection layouts make your blog is both visually appealing and user-friendly.

Explore the new blog sections:

BBlog V6 – Barbra Blog

BBlog V7 – Barbra Blog

BBlog V8 – Barbra Blog

BBlog V9 – Barbra Blog

BBlog V10 – Barbra Blog

BBlog V11 – Barbra Blog

BBlog V12 – Barbra Blog

BBlog V13 – Barbra Blog

BBlog V14 – Barbra Blog


6 Divi Person Module Sections | Barbra Collection

Our new person module sections are perfect for featuring team members or individual profiles. They are designed to fit perfectly with the modern blog layouts.

BPerson V5 – Barbra Person

BPerson V6 – Barbra Person

BPerson V7 – Barbra Person

BPerson V8 – Barbra Person

BPerson V9 – Barbra Person

BPerson V10 – Barbra Person


2 Divi Blurb Module Sections | Barbra Collection

These sections are perfect for highlighting key information or calls to action, designed to complement the overall modern aesthetic of your site.

BBlurbs V16 – Barbra Blurbs

BBlurbs V17 – Barbra Blurbs


That’s all for this update. See you soon for more!

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