This Music Studio Home Page Layout expands on the Divi Audio Modules we made last week

Along with the home page layout, you will find 9 custom made divi modules. There is also the design request for a process-step-interaction. This came out beautifully – links below. Have any ideas for me? Please email me here.

Divi Home Page Layouts

Divi Music Studio Home Page Layout – Freddie Collection

Custom Divi Modules

The “process-step-interaction”  Circle Process Divi Content Module – Freddie Collection

example of divi process step animation by divi den pro

Divi Header Module – Bring Music Divi Header Module – Freddie Collection

Divi Person Module – Waltz Divi Person Module – Freddie Collection

Divi Call to Action Module – Music Speak CTA – Freddie Collection

Divi Case Study Module – Artist Case Study Content Module – Freddie Collection

Divi Blurb Module – Tutti Blurbs – Freddie Collection

Divi Testimonial Module – Frutti Testimonial – Freddie Collection

Divi Call to Action Module – Make Things CTA – Freddie Collection

Divi Footer Module – Wavy Footer – Freddie Collection

All modules and layouts are available for download right now via the Divi Den Pro plugin layout finder. Make sure to update to the latest Divi Den Pro version so you can get the latest CSS and script codes to make it all work like the demos.

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