25 Divi Modules and 3 Homepage Layouts added to Freddie Collection

Another one bites the dust! 

This headline is the name of a very famous Queen song. And we have a video for it too. How many views, you ask? OMG –  try millions! 326,094,256 

Not too shabby for a band from the 80s…  Even before YouTube existed.

At WP Den another design and development cycle bites-the-dust revealing new Divi modules for your website building pleasure. You can see the complete Freddie Collection (available for immediate use) from the Divi Den Pro plugin dashboard.

Which Divi modules are included? 

Today’s update includes; 1 Divi pricing table, 3 Divi testimonial modules, 2 Divi blog modules, 4 Divi blurbs, 3 Divi footers, 3 Divi headers, 3 Divi slider modules, 4 Divi content modules and 1 Divi person module. 

25 Divi modules in the style of the Freddie Collection

Below you can see the demo links for each module as well as the 3 new homepage layouts.

Drowse Header Divi Module

Fight From The Inside Divi Blurbs Module

Fun It Content Module

Gimme Some Lovin Divi Slider Module

Good Company Blurbs Module

Hammer To Fall Divi Testimonials Module

Hello Mary Lou Divi Pricing Table Module

Prowl Divi Footer Module

Breakthru Divi Testimonials Module

Back Chat Divi Slider Module

Father To Son Divi Footer Module

Dead On Time Divi Person Module

Drowse Divi Blog Module

All Dead Divi Header Module

Blurred Vision Divi Accordion Module

Fine Sensation Divi Content Module

For Everyone Divi Header Module

Innuendo Divi Content Module

Seven Days Divi Testimonial Module

Hard Life Divi Blog Module

Open Windows Divi Footer Module

Live With You Divi Blurbs Module

Love You Divi Slider Module

Info Divi Content Module

Blurred Vision Divi Blurbs Module

3 New homepage layouts for the Freddie Collection

Home Page V2 – Divi Page Layout – Freddie Collection

Home Page V3 – Divi Page Layout – Freddie Collection

Home Page V4 – Divi Page Layout – Freddie Collection

Another One Bites The Dust – By Queen