We bring you new additions to the Barbra layouts collection as September comes to a close. You’ll find 5 new Divi headers and 5 new Divi blurbs sections.

This time we’ve focused on default Divi settings, avoiding custom CSS or animations. Typically, custom elements require us to update plugin files, leading to a review process at the marketplace which can sometimes delay the publishing of layouts.

Interestingly, these sections took a bit longer to create. We’d appreciate your feedback. Do you prefer this approach, or would you like us to stick with the normal bells-and-whistles? Leave a comment below to let us know.

With these 10 new Divi sections, the library now counts 2790 items in total.

10 new Divi headers & blurbs sections | Barbra collection

What’s included in this update

Divi Headers

BHeader V12
BHeader V13
BHeader V14
BHeader V15
BHeader V16

Divi Blurbs

BBlurb V11
BBlurb V12
BBlurb V13
BBlurb V14
BBlurb V15

Stay tuned – more coming soon!