In the ever-evolving world of web design, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Barba offers visually stunning solution to transform your websites. With its dynamic and captivating layouts, it breathes new life into your Divi websites.

The Barbra layout collection starts with 13 page layouts and 70 sections. That makes the total library count 2798.

Barbara collection sneak peek

Barbra collection is live now


Here’s everything included in the Barbra collection:

11 Header sections

BHeader V1
BHeader V2
BHeader V3
BHeader V4
BHeader V5
BHeader V6
BHeader V7
BHeader V8
BHeader V9
BHeader V10
BHeader V11

5 Blog sections:

BBlog V1
BBlog V2
BBlog V3
BBlog V4
BBlog V5

10 Blurb sections:

BBlurb V1
BBlurb V2
BBlurb V3
BBlurb V4
BBlurb V5
BBlurb V6
BBlurb V7
BBlurb V8
BBlurb V9
BBlurb V10

21 Content sections:

BContent V1
BContent V2
BContent V3
BContent V4
BContent V5
BContent V6
BContent V7
BContent V8
BContent V9
BContent V10
BContent V11
BContent V12
BContent V13
BContent V14
BContent V15
BContent V16
BContent V17
BContent V18
BContent V19
BContent V20
BContent V21

6 CTA sections:


5 Footer sections:

BFooter V1
BFooter V2
BFooter V3
BFooter V4
BFooter V5

3 Number counter sections:

BNumber V1
BNumber V2
BNumber V3

4 Person sections:

BPerson V1
BPerson V2
BPerson V3
BPerson V4

1 Pricing table sections:

BPricing Table V1

4 Testimonial sections:

BTestimonial V1
BTestimonial V2
BTestimonial V3
BTestimonial V4

13 Full page layouts:

Barbra About Page V1
Barbra V1 Homepage
Barbra V2 Homepage
Barbra V3 Homepage
Barbra V4 Homepage
Barbra V5 Homepage
Barbra V6 Homepage
Barbra V7 Homepage
Barbra V8 Homepage
Barbra V9 Homepage
Barbra V10 Homepage
Barbra V11 Homepage
Barbra V12 Homepage