Add more icon sets to Divi

It is now super easy to use additional icons on your websites. Access 2662 icons in total, in just a few clicks. In our quest to make Divi Den Pro the best plugin for Divi, we keep adding great features that make building websites faster and easier.

Finding the right icon can make a big difference to the final design of a website. With the latest update to the Divi Den Pro Theme Builder, you can now activate and use thousands of new icons. The icons are free and open source and can be used on any website.

Quick reminder: Check the bottom of the page for new layouts and modules added with this update.

Which icons sets are available?

Material Design icons are delightful, beautifully crafted symbols for common actions and items. Use them in your digital products for Android, iOS, and web. Learn more about Material Design Icons

With Font Awesome you get vector icons and social logos on your website. The web’s most popular icon set and toolkit (they claim). These are the free icons we have added.

How to find the right icon fast

Finding the right icon can be a slow and painful task. Especially if you have a small little window and a scroll bar. Thankfully we were able to code in a search function and a search box. You can use a keyword to search for matching icons. Icons are named and annotated by the icon provider and the search function will try to match the keyword to the icon if it exists.

Update to the latest version of Divi Den Pro and give it a try today.

An example showing how and where to add more icons to Divi

View the full knowledgebase tutorial here. Or watch the video tutorial below for more details.

New Layouts and Modules

Layouts (2)
Home Page V8 – Diana View it here
Home Page V9 – Diana View it here

Modules (14)

Salient Footer – Diana View it here
Dean Hader – Diana View it here
Right Bullet Content – Diana View it here
Left Bullet Content – Diana View it here
Judge Footer – Diana View it here
Chief Numbers – Diana View it here
Officer Person Module – Diana View it here
Top Brass Header View it here
News Intro Content View it here
Tycoon Blurbs View it here
Babe Blurbs View it here
Crowned Content View it here
Yes Please Blurbs View it here
Executive Person Module View it here