Get instant Divi Navigation menus for your website

It can be a major challenge to code and customise a navigation menu. Most people get so frustrated by finding a good menu, they end up using the default menu which comes with the Divi theme. Sometimes the default Divi menu will do the job. However, it can get boring using the same menu over and over. Don’t you want something fresh and unique?

Make beautiful and functional Divi menus with the Divi Den Pro plugin

One of the best features of the Divi Theme is the ability to import premade items directly to your website. This allows anyone to build website components like Divi menus, footers or even pop-ups.

With the Divi Den Pro plugin, you can browse for a variety of premade Menu Designs including Mega Menus and standard Divi Navigation menus. Once you found the menu you want, simply import it, customise it and start using it right away.

Best of all you don’t need to install a separate plugin to get more menu options and you get all the other features that come with the Divi Den Pro plugin. All menus have unique hovers and are responsively coded for mobile and tablet devices. You can even add blog posts and images to your navigation – giving you many more design choices.

The menus below are available today in the Divi Den Pro plugin

Have a look below to see which menus you might like. And this is only the beginning. More Divi menus coming soon.

Divi mega menus (3)

Grandiose Mega Menu

Magnificent Mega Menu

Stately Mega Menu

Divi navigation menus (11)

Arch Menu

First Menu

Champion Menu

Front Menu

Leading Menu

Main Menu

Pioneer Menu

Premier Menu

Prime Menu

Principal Menu

Stellar Menu

How to make a Divi menu tutorial video

For an overview on how to create a custom Divi menu, you can watch the video tutorial below. You can also see the step by step tutorial article in the knowledge base.