Need a WooCommerce product homepage that really pops?

We have just the thing! Take a look at this new product homepage in the style of Ragnar Collection. Browse through 37 more sections and 5 page layouts. Freshly added to the library today.

All layouts and sections are available in the layout finder right now. With this update the cloud library total grows to 2378.

If you don’t have Divi Den Pro yet, go for the 14 day free trial. See for yourself what the fuss is about…

Keep reading to see all the live demos below.

Filterable divi blog posts made by Divi Den Pro

Filterable Divi blog posts available in the layout library

WooCommerce product homepage for Divi theme

A stunning new WooCommerce product homepage for your Divi online store. You’ll find that the “newest products” section is conveniently located at the top of the page, making it easy to access without scrolling through an endless stream sales events.

Shop Landing Page V1 – Ragnar Collection 

Woocommerce product module sections

If you already have a cool homepage and just want theses cool sections to jazz up your store, here you go.

Clara Products – Ragnar Collection

Josefine Products – Ragnar Collection

Browse 13 more WooCommerce sections

Divi Den Pro WooCommerce Product Carousel

A WooCommerce product carousel or slider

And now for the new Divi page layouts

Niche site homepages 

Business Homepage – Niche Site Demos

Yoga Homepage – Niche Site Demos

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The Ragnar collection

Our Work Page V2 – Ragnar Collection
Lead Page V1 – Ragnar Collection

37 Premade Divi sections to build your sites

Many of you requested that we create filterable blog modules that allow sorting by category or tag. Can you imagine that there are already 66 blog modules in the library!

We took inspiration from our most popular blog modules and re-worked those to be filterable with a few tweaks and improvements.

Let us know in the comments what you think…

6 Filterable Divi blog post module sections

Adrian Blog Filterable – Ragnar Collection

Agata Blog Filterable – Ragnar Collection

Agneta Blog Filterable – Ragnar Collection

Aina Blog Filterable – Ragnar Collection

Ake Blog Filterable – Ragnar Collection

Albert Blog Filterable – Ragnar Collection

4 Standard Divi blog post modules

Albin Blog – Ragnar Collection

Alexander Blog – Ragnar Collection

Alfred Blog – Ragnar Collection

Alma Blog – Ragnar Collection 

A Divi portfolio module section

William Portfolio – Ragnar Collection

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Divi header module sections

Freja Header – Ragnar Collection

My Thumb Header – Ragnar Collection

See 139 more header sections

Person module slider

The Difference Person Module – Ragnar Collection

See 92 more person modules

Divi FAQ module section

Sweetest FAQ – Ragnar Collection

See 7 other FAQ modules

Divi content module sections

Karla Content – Ragnar Collection

Laura Content – Ragnar Collection

Anna Content – Ragnar Collection

Feels Alright Content – Ragnar Collection

Easy Babe Content – Ragnar Collection

The Change Content – Ragnar Collection

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Business niche module sections

Business Header – Niche Site Demo

Business Blurbs V1 – Niche Site Demo

Business Blurbs V2 – Niche Site Demo

Business Content V1 – Niche Site Demo

Business Content V2 – Niche Site Demo

Business CTA – Niche Site Demo

Yoga niche modules sections

Yoga Header – Niche Site Demo

Yoga Blurbs V1 – Niche Site Demo

Yoga Blurbs V2 – Niche Site Demo

Yoga Content – Niche Site Demo

Yoga Testimonial – Niche Site Demo

Yoga CTA – Niche Site Demo

Yoga Class – Niche Site Demo

Yoga Person Module – Niche Site Demo

That is all for today. Have fun building your sites. Till next time.