Grace Collection update

Hey, everyone! New sections and page layouts are ready for you.

We have a bunch of unique sections today. Have a good look at the 9 process content sections – these will come in very handy for explaining steps or processes that follow in order.

The cloud library total now climbs to 2821 items.

4 new divi homepages 28 premade divi modules

Sample of new layouts added to the Divi Den Pro library

What’s included in this update?

4 Divi page layouts

Life Coach V1 Homepage
Brand Coach V1 Homepage
Health Coach V1 Homepage
About Page V2


28 Divi module sections

2 Testimonial sections

Prey Testimonial
Prey V2 Testimonial

124 more in the library – dang that’s a lot.

2 CTA sections

Shiny CTA
Give CTA

4 Content sections

Hawk Content
Warmth Content
Parking Content
Extended Content

2 Footers

Echo Footer
Showed Footer

A pricing table

Flip It Pricing Table

There’s 67 pricing tables in the library.

A header

Favorable Header

6 Blurbs

Strange V2 Blurbs
Shadows Blurbs
Moves Blurbs
Garage Blurbs
Between Blurbs
Bami Blurbs

9 Process content

Meteor Process
Lintang Process
Kuiper Process
Jupiter Process
Janus Process
Izar Process
Holmes Process
Hoku Process
Hesperos Process

1 Numbers Section

Behind Numbers

Enjoy it! That’s it for now. See you again soon.

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