New navigation menus for Ragnar collection

We’ve just added 7 new navigation menus templates you can use on your websites right away. These menus are best suited for websites with less menu items and no sub-navigation. The demos already show the best implementation. Try to stay close to that for best results. All the menus are optimized and tested for mobile and tablet devices.

Using Divi theme builder
You should use the native Divi theme builder functionality for these menus. The Divi theme builder lets you do magical stuff without having to learn serious coding. It makes things faster and easier.
If you’re not familiar with the Divi theme builder, we made a video that shows you exactly how to use it.

Keep scrolling to see the demos and the video.

In case you missed it, yesterday we added 10 layouts (contact & case study pages) and before that we added 5 homepage layouts for the Ragnar launch.

Still more goodies to come

Monday 30 November: 21 Funky 404 pages for Divi Theme builder.

Wednesday 2 December: 9 Coming soon pages and 17 designer pop-ups.

The more the merrier

Today’s items are already available in the library from the layout finder. With this update the library total jumps to 2378.

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Video: How to set up Ragnar navigation menus with Divi theme builder

Here’s the demo links for Ragnar collection

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

7 Navigation menus for Divi theme builder

Farmer Navigation Menu – Ragnar

Hulks Navigation Menu – Ragnar

Idun Navigation Menu – Ragnar

Longhouse Navigation Menu – Ragnar

Pursuit Navigation Menu – Ragnar

Skalds Navigation Menu – Ragnar

Valhalla Navigation Menu – Ragnar

Want more?

There are 18 more Divi theme builder navigation menus in the library.

What about Mega Menus?

See 8 Divi mega menus for the Plugin Theme Builder. Also called the Plugin Theme Builder.

And 13 more Divi navigation menus for the Plugin Theme Builder.

Look out for the next set of layouts coming soon

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