A brand new style collection for Divi Den Pro

The time has finally come. Ragnar layouts and modules are ready for download. Today you get 5 unique homepages with 33 Divi sections & modules. Keep scrolling to see the demos below.

Which layout or module is your favourite? Let us know in a comment below.

My favourite is: Kare Content – I love the scroll and split effect.
Kyra’s favourite is: Resident Header – She likes the subtle 3d effect.

Here’s what’s in store for you this Black Friday

Wednesday 25 November – 10 Layouts + 24 sections

  • 6 Contact pages
  • 2 case study pages
  • 1 Team page

Thursday 26 November 

  • 7 Epic navigation menus for Divi Theme builder

Monday 30 November

  • 21 Funky 404 pages for Divi Theme builder

Wednesday 2 December

  • 9 Coming soon pages for the Divi Den Pro theme builder and the Plugin Theme Builder
  • 17 Designer pop-ups for the Divi Den Pro theme builder and the Plugin Theme Builder

Today’s items are already available in the library from the layout finder. With this update the library total jumps to 2036.

If you don’t have Divi Den Pro yet – get started with a 14 day free trial.

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Ragnar Collection by Divi Den Pro

Demo links for Ragnar Collection

5 Divi homepage layouts

Homepage V1 – Ragnar Collection

Homepage V2 – Ragnar Collection

Homepage V3 – Ragnar Collection

Homepage V4 – Ragnar Collection

Homepage V5 – Ragnar Collection

5 Divi blog module sections

Bjorn Blog – Ragnar

Halfdan Blog – Ragnar

Knud Blog – Ragnar

Rune Blog – Ragnar

Loud Whistle Blog – Ragnar

14 Divi content module sections

Eagle Content – Ragnar

Bear Content – Ragnar

Erik Content – Ragnar

Frode Content – Ragnar

Curly Content – Ragnar

Kare Content – Ragnar

Knot Content – Ragnar

Njal Content – Ragnar

Giant Content – Ragnar

Roar Content – Ragnar

Fame Content – Ragnar

Movin On Content – Ragnar

Wheeler Content – Ragnar

The Track Content – Ragnar

5 Divi header module sections

Arne Header – Ragnar

Resident Header – Ragnar

Left Header – Ragnar

Descendant Header – Ragnar

Hear My Header – Ragnar

2 Divi testimonial module sections

Gorm Testimonials – Ragnar

Daddy Testimonials – Ragnar

4 Divi footer module sections

Bo Footer – Ragnar

Danish Footer – Ragnar

Harald Footer – Ragnar

My Mother Footer – Ragnar

3 Divi footer module sections

Birger Blurbs – Ragnar

Keeper Blurbs – Ragnar

Ruler Blurbs – Ragnar

Look out for the next set of layouts tomorrow

And grab your lifetime deal if you don’t already have it – only available during Black Friday.

Until tomorrow… Cya!!!

Video: How to change the colors of the Ragnar animations