New layouts for Ragnar collection

Today we add some all important contact pages, team and case study pages and a string of modules in sections you can use on your sites.

Yesterday we added 5 homepage layouts for the Ragnar launch. Tomorrow we will add 7 new navigation menus that will definitely turn some heads.

Still more in store for you…

Monday 30 November: 21 Funky 404 pages for Divi Theme builder.

Wednesday 2 December: 9 Coming soon pages and 17 designer pop-ups.

The library just keeps growing

Today’s items are already available in the library from the layout finder. With this update, the library total jumps to 2378.

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Video: How to change the colors of the Ragnar animations

Here’s the demo links for Ragnar collection

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6 Divi contact page layouts

Contact Page V1 – Ragnar

Contact Page V2 – Ragnar

Contact Page V3 – Ragnar

Contact Page V4 – Ragnar

Contact Page V5 – Ragnar

Contact Page V6 – Ragnar

There are 31 other contact pages in the library.

2 Divi case study layouts

Case Study Page V1 – Ragnar

Case Study Page V2 – Ragnar

1 Divi team page layout

Team Page V1 – Ragnar

1 Our work layout

Our Work Page V1 – Ragnar

5 Divi contact form module sections

Wealth Contact Form – Ragnar

Ploughs Contact Form – Ragnar

Loved Contact Form – Ragnar

Penance Contact Form – Ragnar

Dove Contact Form – Ragnar

See all 37 contact form modules here

4 Divi contact content module sections

Trygve Contact Content – Ragnar

Astrid Contact Content – Ragnar

Bodil Contact Content – Ragnar

Tove Contact Content – Ragnar

5 Divi content module sections

Helmet Content – Ragnar

Torsten Content – Ragnar

Noble Barque Content – Ragnar

I Steer Content – Ragnar

Spear Content – Ragnar

3 Divi header module sections

Wolf Header – Ragnar

Age Header – Ragnar

Toke Header – Ragnar

See more headers than you can handle [136]

2 Divi person module sections

Ancestor Person – Ragnar

Roar Person – Ragnar

2 Divi slider module sections

Thor Slider – Ragnar

Voice I’d Sing Slider – Ragnar

Divi email option module section

Galleys Optin – Ragnar

Checkout the other 29 email optins in the library

Divi portfolio module section

Good Oars Portfolio – Ragnar

Divi project module section

Good Oars Projects – Ragnar

Look out for the next set of layouts tomorrow

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