Tina’s Got a Big Personality & She’s So Classy

She is finally here. The whole team has been designing, coding and testing like crazy to get this new Divi layout collection in your hands.

Sample image of the new divi layout collection called Tina by Divi Den PRo

Can You Guess Who We Got Inspired By?

None other than The Diva, The Legend that is Tina Turner. Why did our lead designer get inspired by Tina? More details to follow…

Now take a look at Tina in her full glory! Enjoy!

P.S. Let us know in the comments what you think about Tina. We’d love to hear your feedback.

5 Divi Homepage Layouts

Homepage V1 – Tina Collection
Homepage V2 – Tina Collection
Homepage V3 – Tina Collection
Homepage V4 – Tina Collection

1 Content Page – Inside Page Layout

Content Page V1 – Tina Collection

8 Divi Blurbs Modules

Easy Babe Divi Blurbs
Smile To Divi Blurbs
A Fire Divi Blurbs
Get Enough Divi Blurbs
Never Been Divi Blurbs
Buy Into Divi Blurbs
I Wanna Be Divi Blurbs
You Lead Me Divi Blurbs

5 Divi Content Modules

Content modules give you custom areas to place relevant text, media or video to deliver your websites message.

Down To Me Divi Content
These Places Divi Content
A Dancer Divi Content
A Diamond Divi Content
The Flame Divi Content

4 Divi Slider Modules

These slider modules can be used as hero’s or headers too.

The Girl Divi Slider
Private Dancer Divi Slider
See This Divi Slider
He Belongs Divi Header

4 Divi Footer Modules

The Change Footer
Don’t Walk Footer
Still Play Footer
Time To Footer

3 Divi Person Modules

My Thumb Person Module
Flowing Person Module
She Talks Person Module

3 Divi Blog Modules

It’s Alright Divi Blog Module
All Day Divi Blog Module
The Flame Divi Blog Module

2 Divi Testimonial Modules

Siamese Testimonial Module
Who Did Testimonial Module

2 Divi Numbers Module

Goes Around Numbers

Original Number

1 Divi Call To Action Module

Seek Call To Action

1 Divi Video Content Module

Their Faces Divi Video Content

1 Divi Tabs Module

The Change – Divi Tabs Module

1 Themed Homepage Layout

Upholsterer Divi Homepage Layout

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