Cool blog post layouts can be hard to find these days. Harder still to add them to your site. Luckily you can use the Divi theme builder functionality to add premade blog post designs to your website.

With premade layouts you can play around to find the style you like best. Take a look to see what’s possible.

Premade divi blog post layouts by Divi Den Pro

Examples of premade Divi blog post layouts you can experiment with


7 Divi blog post layouts made for Divi theme builder

Single Post V1 – Tina Collection

Single Post V2 – Tina Collection

Single Post V3 – Tina Collection

Single Post V4 – Tina Collection

Single Post V5 – Tina Collection

Single Post V6 – Tina Collection

Single Post V7 – Tina Collection


3 new Divi homepage layouts (free for everyone)

These 3 homages are free layouts which anyone can use. You just need the Divi Den Free plugin.

Divi Den Pro Members can already find free layouts under the Free tab in Divi Den Pro.

Insurance Broker Homepage Layout (free)

Executive Coaching Homepage Layout (free)

Accounting Firm Homepage Layout (free)


A Divi pricing page layout

Divi Pricing Page V2 – Tina Collection


Divi header section

Pale Moon Header – Tina Collection


Divi pricing tables section

Pretending Pricing Table – Tina Collection


Divi testimonial section

Two Can Testimonial – Tina Collection


How to find premade Divi blog modules and layouts with the layout finder

Type the keyword “blog” in the search field as shown below.

See 82 (or more) premade blog items in the layout finder demo

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How to search for 82 premade Dvi blog post layouts in the Divi Den Pro layout finder

How to search for 82 premade Divi blog post layouts in the Divi Den Pro layout finder