New Divi Theme Layouts in the Style of Tina and Freddie

This is a big update for the Divi Den Pro library. Lots of interesting new library items added. Take a look.

You Get 1606 Divi Layouts made by Divi Den Pro

7 Divi Theme Page Layouts


4 Divi Homepage Layouts

Homepage V9 – Freddie Collection

Homepage V10 – Freddie Collection

Homepage V8 – Tina Collection

Magazine Homepage Layout – Tina Collection


2 Divi Theme builder Layouts

Author Page V1 – Freddie Collection

Archive Page V1 – Tina Collection


Divi Pricing Page Layout

Pricing Page V1 – Tina Collection


26 Divi modules nested inside of Divi sections

3 Blog Module Demos

Rain Falling Blog – Tina Collection

Bad Enough Blog – Tina Collection

This Town Blog – Tina Collection


3 Blurb Module Demos

Speed Limit Blurbs – Tina Collection

All Behind Button – Tina Collection


6 Divi Content Module Demos 

Church House Content – Tina Collection

The Movies Content – Tina Collection

Let Me Live Content – Freddie Collection

Long Away Content – Freddie Collection

Lap Of The Gods Content – Freddie Collection

Everybody Happy Content – Freddie Collection


3 Divi Footer Module Demos

Nutbush Footer – Tina Collection

Black Queen Footer – Freddie Collection

Keep Yourself Alive Footer – Freddie Collection


3 Divi Header Module Demos

Switched Header – Tina Collection

Las Palabras De Amor Header – Freddie Collection

Going Slightly Mad Header – Freddie Collection


3 Divi Testimonial Module Demos

City Limits Testimonial – Tina Collection

One Can Testimonial – Tina Collection

Back To Humans Testimonial – Freddie Collection


2 Divi Tabs Module Demos

Highway Tabs – Tina Collection

More Of That Jazz Tabs – Freddie Collection


Divi Video Module Demo

Talk Much Video – Tina Collection


Divi Person Module Demo

It’s Late Person Module – Freddie Collection

Divi Pricing Table Module Demo

Pinch Of Pricing Tables – Tina Collection

Divi WooCommerce Product Module Demo

Working For Products – Tina Collection


How to find 47+ Divi pricing table modules and pages in the layout finder

Type the keyword “pricing” in the search field as shown below. Naaaice …. Have fun!

See 47 pricing tables

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How to find 47+ Divi pricing table modules and pages in the layout finder

How to search for pricing tables in Divi Den Pro