We just refreshed the Divi Den Pro library with 19 new sections. All sections are from our latest collection, Olena. New blogs and blurbs, CTAs and contact forms – check it out!

The cloud library now counts 2798 items in total.

Because of you

Divi Den has been going strong for 6 years thanks to your support. With Divi 5 on the horizon, we plan to make that many more. In this time, we’ve listened to your frustrations in support and thought about ways we can help you build faster and easier.

A new project

For the past 3 years, an independent team in our studio has been working on a secret project, and it’s getting close to launch. Based on early feedback with beta testers, we think many of you will be interested.

Look out for another email next week when we can tell you more about it.

What’s in this library update?

19 new Olena sections

Contact forms and blogs as seen in Divi Den Pro

3 Divi CTA sections modules

OCall To Action V3
OCall To Action V4
OCall To Action V5

3 Divi blog sections

OBlog V14
OBlog V15
OBlog V16

11 Divi blurbs

OBlurb V31
OBlurb V32
OBlurb V33
OBlurb V34
OBlurb V35
OBlurb V36
OBlurb V37
OBlurb V38
OBlurb V39
OBlurb V40
OBlurb V41

2 Divi Contact forms

OContact Form V1
OContact Form V2

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