Enhance your product pages with these classy WooCommerce modules

This is the third and final batch of Olena collection layouts for this year. Olena now has 137 total sections and pages to use on your new projects. Give them a twirl, and let us know what you think. Demo links below.

What new layouts would you like to see in 2023?

Add a comment to this blog post, or email us anytime with your layout or design requests. We would love to make them for you.


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14 Divi WooCommerce module sections

OShop V1
OShop V2
OShop V3
OShop V4
OShop V5
OShop V6
OShop V7
OShop V8
OShop V9
OShop V10
OShop V11
OShop V12
OShop V13
OShop V14

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Some serious discounts and prizes to be won. Entry is still open.

We wish you all a happy Black Friday and also a happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.

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