The second batch of Olena collection Divi layouts and sections have been added to the library. There are 7 homepages and 67 sections. Find the full list of the new layouts and sections below.

The cloud library now counts 2815 items in total. If you don’t have a lifetime deal yet, grab the Black Friday deal.

What’s coming tomorrow? Divi WooCommerce product sections!

By popular request, we will publish 14 new Divi WooCommerce product sections on Tuesday, 22 November.

Homepage examples from the Divi Den Pro Layouts Olena Collection

Homepage examples from the Divi Den Pro Layouts Olena Collection

What’s included in today’s update

7 Divi homepage layouts

Finance V2 Homepage
Finance V3 Homepage
Gym V1 Homepage
Gym V2 Homepage
Studio V1 Homepage
Studio V2 Homepage
Studio V3 Homepage

6 Divi header sections

OHeader V4
OHeader V5
OHeader V6
OHeader V7
OHeader V10
OHeader V12

7 Divi content sections

OContent V4
OContent V5
OContent V6
OContent V8
OContent V9
OContent V14
OContent V15

10 Divi person sections

OPerson V1
OPerson V2
OPerson V3
OPerson V4
OPerson V5
OPerson V6
OPerson V7
OPerson V8
OPerson V9
OPerson V11

8 Divi blog sections

OBlog V1
OBlog V2
OBlog V3
OBlog V4
OBlog V5
OBlog V6
OBlog V9
OBlog V10

22 Divi blurb sections

OBlurb V1
OBlurb V2
OBlurb V3
OBlurb V4
OBlurb V5
OBlurb V6
OBlurb V12
OBlurb V13
OBlurb V14
OBlurb V15
OBlurb V16
OBlurb V17
OBlurb V18
OBlurb V19
OBlurb V20
OBlurb V21
OBlurb V22
OBlurb V23
OBlurb V24
OBlurb V25
OBlurb V26
OBlurb V29

1 Divi pricing table section

OPricing Table V1

2 Divi number counter sections

ONumber V2
ONumber V3

4 Divi testimonial sections

OTestimonial V2
OTestimonial V4
OTestimonial V5
OTestimonial V7

7 Divi footers

OFooter V3
OFooter V4
OFooter V5
OFooter V6
OFooter V7
OFooter V8
OFooter V11

Happy Monday! See you tomorrow with some Divi WooCommerce sections.