New page layouts and sections have just been added to our library! The Olena collection got 11 new Divi page layouts and 31 Divi sections.

That climbs our library count to 2815 items in total.

Hello, Barbra!

With today’s update, Olena counts about 200 page layouts and sections. We think it’s now a good time to bring something new. In fact, we already started a new collection, which we named Barbara!

Here’s a sneak peek so you can see how it’s going to look like:

Barbara collection sneak peek

Barbara collection sneak peek

More to come, stay tuned.

What’s in today’s library update?

new Divi page layouts and sections

Olena page layouts and sections

11 page layouts

Acupuncture Homepage
Make Up Homepage
Small Business Homepage
Therapist Homepage
E-learning Homepage
Contact Page V1
Contact Page V2
Contact Page V3
Contact Page V4
Contact Page V5
Contact Page V6

10 Divi content sections

OContent V19
OContent V20
OContent V21
OContent V22
OContent V23
OContent V24
OContent V25
OContent V26
OContent V27
OContent V28

9 Divi headers

OHeader V13
OHeader V14
OHeader V15
OHeader V16
OHeader V17
OHeader V18
OHeader V19
OHeader V20
OHeader V21

1 Divi pricing table

OPricing Table V2

2 Divi person sections

OPerson V14
OPerson V15

4 Divi testimonial sections

Otestimonial V8
Otestimonial V9
Otestimonial V10
Otestimonial V11

4 Divi footers

OFooter V12
OFooter V13
OFooter V14
OFooter V15

1 Divi blog section

OBlog V17

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