A big milestone for Divi Den Pro

Hi everybody!

It’s amazing to think that we launched our first collection “The Unicorn Bundle” little over 4 years ago. We just published item 2036 into the library!

We could not have done it without you. Thank you for taking this journey with us… There’s more to come.

Keep reading to see many new layouts added today incl. 10 full page layouts, 37 Divi module sections.

All new layouts are ready for download in the Divi Den Pro plugin layout finder right now. New here? You can test Divi Den Pro with a 14 day free trial.

2036 divi library items made by Divi Den Pro

How did we get to 2036?

Nurturing the idea

There’s a massive amount of work behind the scenes that go into every library item we publish. There’s the initial research by Kyra (your designer), this can take months of collecting ideas, bookmarking pages and revisiting those ideas. It includes reading every single support request, even on weekends, and figuring out what you need to build better websites. Then we spend weeks choosing a good name… By the way, there’s a new collection in the making. More on that later.

Doing the designs

The new collection name must of course fit the design style. With a name in hand, and a vision of what she wants to bring to life, Kyra starts designing the first set of pages. She includes all the core pages toi create a complete website at launch. This makes the collection immediately usable on your own new projects. Later as the collection grows, we expand on those pages to add more variety to your projects.

Making it real

With the designs done, it is over to the development team. They slice and dice the designs, and build each section with the Divi builder.  Taking care to crop and crunch images for load speed. They logically name items to save you time. The development team also add a magic touch to hovers and animations. This is what makes Divi Den layouts different from the rest. They add custom styles to make the designs unique. They code and test for responsive breakpoints, so everything works in desktop, mobile and tablet views.

Building to a high standard

Next, the layouts go through final quality control. We review all the layouts, one-by-one, in incognito tabs and different browsers, devices and screen sizes. We assign names and slugs (permalinks), taking care not to use the same name twice. Did I mention we use a lot of spreadsheets? Too many! With the new feedback, we make changes to the layouts and sections. We perform a final round of reviews to make sure all is in order.

Test, test, test. This is the only way to know for sure it works as expected.

Getting ready to publish

Once the layouts and sections are nice and shiny, they are exported from the development server and uploaded to the demo site. Each item is added to the menu and a suitable page. Some get an anchor link. With this page link, or anchor link, you can view the library item in any browser or device. This demo is the exact same item that will be installed on your site when you load it from the layout finder.

Don’t forget – each item in the library must get a featured image, so you can see a helpful preview in the layout finder.

Uploading to the cloud

Each library item gets a matching Divi json file. This file is uploaded to the cloud storage server and made available for speedy download in data centers across the globe. This link is permanent and always available, ready to deliver the file to your website, whenever you need it via the Divi Den Pro layout finder.

Integrate the code with the Divi Den Pro plugin

Here’s where the plugin team add the required CSS and scripts to the plugin. They are split into many small files, which only get implemented “if” you use a specific layout on a page. Better for page speed this way. Only load the code that is needed. This method allows us to update layouts and make improvements or fixes for you. All you have to do is update the plugin, to get the latest layouts and improvements. We write the change log and submit the plugin for final review.

Publish the layouts and let everybody know

And today as I’m writing this, the team made all the layouts live on the demo site. Published the library items to the cloud, now ready to be installed on your site.  And here I am writing the blog post with all the links for you to see the demos. When this blog post is done and reviewed. I will publish it. Then the final bit… send you an email. Job done for today 🙂

This is the same loop we have perfected over the last 4 years. Week-in, week-out. We deliver for you and you keep supporting us.

From the bottom of our hearts, We thank you! – The Divi Den Team

The new collection

Each year, for Black Friday, we launch a new collection. Black Friday is just 2 months away. Kyra started designing “Grace” already 6 weeks ago and she is being built as we speak. Grace is going to be gorgeous.

A sneak peek for Grace will be dropped in the October library update. Keep your eyes peeled!

And now for the new layouts!

9 Divi page layout demos in the style of Ragnar

4 Services page layouts

Services Page V1 – Ragnar Collection

Services Page V2 – Ragnar Collection

Services Page V3 – Ragnar Collection

Services Page V4 – Ragnar Collection

2 Team page layouts

Team Page V4 – Ragnar Collection

Team Page V5 – Ragnar Collection

2 FAQ page layouts

FAQ Page V1 – Ragnar Collection

FAQ Page V2 – Ragnar Collection

1 Case study page layout

Case Study Page V3 – Ragnar Collection


37 Premade Divi section demos

2 Blog module sections

Hadrian Blog – Ragnar Collection

Isac Blog – Ragnar Collection

8 Divi blurb module sections

Annali Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Beck Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Gilla Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Gerda Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Jenny Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Maj Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Bure Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Gullbrand Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

12 Content module sections

Malthe Content – Ragnar Collection

Victor Content – Ragnar Collection

Aarhus Content – Ragnar Collection

Axel Content – Ragnar Collection 

Goran Content – Ragnar Collection 

Gus Content – Ragnar Collection 

Berit Content – Ragnar Collection 

Viking Content – Ragnar Collection 

Plus Content – Ragnar Collection 

Reidar Content – Ragnar Collection 

Bigge Content – Ragnar Collection 

Jean Content – Ragnar Collection 

7 Header module sections

Arvid Header – Ragnar Collection 

Baltasar Header – Ragnar Collection 

Gota Header – Ragnar Collection 

Gudrun Header – Ragnar Collection 

Olof Header – Ragnar Collection 

Jesaja Header – Ragnar Collection 

Lek Header – Ragnar Collection 

4 Divi person module sections

Greger Person – Ragnar Collection 

Gunnef Person – Ragnar Collection 

Rode Person – Ragnar Collection 

Heimer Person – Ragnar Collection 

A Divi project module section

Ole Projects – Ragnar Collection 

A Divi tabs module section

Gun Tabs – Ragnar Collection 

A Divi FAQ module section

Alrik FAQ – Ragnar Collection 

A Divi accordion module section

Ali Accordion – Ragnar Collection 


Niche site demos

A makeup artist homepage

Makeup Artist Homepage – Niche Site Demos 

Makeup Artist Header – Niche Site Demos 

Makeup Artist Blurbs V1 – Niche Site Demos 

Makeup Artist Blurbs V2 – Niche Site Demos 

Makeup Artist Content V1 – Niche Site Demos 

Makeup Artist Content V2 – Niche Site Demos 

See 98 other niche site homepages


Look out for the October update with a sneak peek of the new collection Grace. Grace will launch during Black Friday 2021.

That is it for today. See you next time.