These Slick New Homepages and Divi Modules are Available Today

We’ve just added 6 custom made Homepages and 5 Divi Modules to the Divi Den Pro library. This brings the complete library to 1199 items.

There are Homepages for a Call Center, a Cleaner, a Florist, a Clinic and a Dance Studio. 5 Divi Modules incl; Slider, Header, Footer, Video and Content Modules.

Take a look at the premade divi layouts below.

A divi homepage layout made by divi den pro

A Divi Homepage Layout made by Divi Den Pro

New Divi Hompage Demos (6)

Note: All page layouts and modules are already available from the Divi Den Pro layout finder. Just update to the latest version to get the CSS & animation code added to your site automatically.

Home Page V7 – Freddie Collection (Make sure to test this slider to see the cool animation)

Call Center Divi Homepage Layout

Cleaner Divi Homepage Layout

Florist Divi Homepage Layout

Clinic Divi Homepage Layout

Dance Studio Divi Homepage Layout 

New Divi Module Demos (5)

Divi Header Module – Sidewalk Header Slider – Freddie Collection

Divi Content Module – Song For Lennon Content – Freddie Collection

Divi Video Module – Stealin Video Content – Freddie Collection

Divi Slider Module – Sweet Lady Slider – Freddie Collection

Divi Footer Module – Invisible Man Footer – Freddie Collection

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