Classy Divi testimonial modules you can use today

Made in the style of the Ragnar Collection you’ve got 22 new testimonial modules to work with. There’s 109 total testimonial modules in the library.

Add 4 full page layouts and homepages for a Spa and Hostel and more.

All layouts and sections are available in the layout finder right now. With this update the cloud library total grows to 2378. Grab the 14 day free trial.

Keep reading to see the live demos below.22 New Testimonials by Divi Den Pro

Full Divi page layouts in the style of the Ragnar collection

Our Work Page V4 – Ragnar Collection

Shop Landing Page V3 – Ragnar Collection

Team Page V2 – Ragnar Collection

Blog Page V1 – Ragnar Collection 

Post Page V1 – Ragnar Collection


Premade Divi sections

22 Divi testimonial module sections

See all 22 demos here – Testimonials V1 up to V22 – Ragnar Collection 

Divi WooCommerce shop product module section

Elias Products – Ragnar Collection

Divi portfolio module section

Valdemar Portfolio – Ragnar Collection

Divi person module section

Fredek Person – Ragnar Collection

Divi CTA module section

Felix CTA – Ragnar Collection

Divi blurbs module sections

Frans Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Emma Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Divi blog slider module sections

August Blog – Ragnar Collection

Divi blog module section

Ida Blog – Ragnar Collection

Divi content module sections

Aksel Content – Ragnar Collection

Frideborg Content – Ragnar Collection

Divi header module section

Emil Header – Ragnar Collection

Gabriella Header – Ragnar Collection

Nice Site Demos

Spa Homepage 

Spa Header 

Spa Blurbs 

Spa Content V1 

Spa Content V2

Hostel Homepage Demo

Hostel Homepage

Hostel Header 

Hostel Content V1 

Hostel Content V2

Hostel Blurbs V1

Hostel Blurbs V2

Hostel Blurbs V3 

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That is it for today. See you next time.