New Divi Theme Layouts added to the Divi Den Pro cloud library

Everybody wants a good portfolio, and we’ve got you covered with today’s additions to the library. Some special coding magic went into the Divi project portfolio sliders.

Keep reading to see the Demos below. All new layouts are made in the sassy style of Tina Collection and available for download right now.

Image depicting a premade divi portfolio slider in the Divi Den Pro library

Here are the latest additions to the premade Divi Den Pro library. Explore the library with a 14 day free trial.

7 Divi theme page layouts

Divi About Page Layout V2 – Tina Collection

Divi About Page Layout V3 – Tina Collection

Divi Image Slider Page Layout – Tina Collection

Divi Project Slider Page – Tina Collection

Divi Homepage Layout V7 – Tina Collection

Divi Portfolio Page Layout V1 – Tina Collection

Divi Portfolio Page Layout V2 – Tina Collection


21 Divi modules nested inside of Divi sections

4 Divi Blurb Module Demos

Second Try Divi Blurbs – Tina Collection

Takes Two Case Studies – Tina Collection

Me And You Blurbs – Tina Collection

Church House Blurbs – Tina Collection


6 Divi Content Module Demos 

Back Baby Content – Tina Collection

Wanna Hear Content – Tina Collection

The People Content – Tina Collection

The Fields Content – Tina Collection

Call It Content – Tina Collection

Sage Video Content – Tina Collection


3 Divi Slider Module Demos

Sail Away Slider – Tina Collection

You Take Image Slider – Tina Collection

With the Portfolio Module you can show off your work anywhere on your site in any column structure – Elegant Themes Documentation

You Take Project Slider – Tina Collection – With this module “featured images” populate automatically from published Divi “Projects” custom posts. Learn more about the Divi project module.


2 Divi Filterable Portfolio Module Demos

The Filterable Portfolio allows you to display your most recent projects in either a Grid or Standard fashion. The filterable portfolio looks just like the normal portfolio module, except that it loads new projects using an Ajax request, and it includes options to filter the project list by categories. When a particular category is selected, the list of projects is instantly regenerated with a new list of projects from the selected category.

These two Divi Filterable Portfolio Modules populate “featured images” automatically from published Divi “Projects”.

Bayou Portfolio – Tina Collection

Ribbon Portfolio – Tina Collection


2 Divi Person Module Demos

Talk Now Person – Tina Collection

Call It Person – Tina Collection


Divi Testimonial Module Demo

Go To Testimonials – Tina Collection


Divi Header Slider Module Demo

Have Ridden Header Slider – Tina Collection


Divi Number Counter Module Demo

Original Numbers – Tina Collection


Divi Footer Module Demo

Proud Footer – Tina Collection


How to find Divi portfolio modules or pages in the Divi Den Pro Layout Finder

Type the keyword “portfolio” in the search field as shown below. Tadaaa…. Have fun!

Don’t have Divi Den Pro yet? Get started with a 14 day free trial today.

Screenshot illustrating how to search for Divi portfolio modules or pages in the Divi Den Pro Layout Finder

How to find Divi portfolio modules or pages in the Divi Den Pro Layout Finder