The clock is ticking for Grace and Black Friday

Hi everybody!

All new layouts are ready for download in the Divi Den Pro plugin layout finder right now. With this update the cloud library grows to 2378 items.

New here? You can test Divi Den Pro with a 14 day free trial.

Check out the sneak peak for the Grace Collection at the bottom of the page.

Here’s today’s layouts!

Divi page layout demos

2 Divi homepage layouts

Homepage V7 – Ragnar Collection

Architecture Homepage – Ragnar Collection

2 FAQ page layouts

FAQ Page V3 – Ragnar Collection 

FAQ Page V4 – Ragnar Collection

10 Divi inside page layouts

Many of you requested some plain vanilla content pages. Simple yet stylish with different configurations. Here’s what we made for you.

Content Page V1 – Ragnar Collection

Content Page V2 – Ragnar Collection

Content Page V3 – Ragnar Collection

Content Page V4 – Ragnar Collection

Content Page V5 – Ragnar Collection

Content Page V6 – Ragnar Collection

Content Page V7 – Ragnar Collection

Content Page V8 – Ragnar Collection

Content Page V9 – Ragnar Collection

Content Page V10 – Ragnar Collection

18 Premade Divi section demos

4 Custom Divi blurb sections

Torsten Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Rut Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Blix Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

Brigetta Blurbs – Ragnar Collection

6 Content module sections

Trygve Content – Ragnar Collection

Nilsson Content – Ragnar Collection

Toke Content – Ragnar Collection

Thor’s Content – Ragnar Collection

Casper Content – Ragnar Collection

Ulf Content – Ragnar Collection

4 Divi header module sections

Trustworthy Header – Ragnar Collection

Kurt Header – Ragnar Collection

Search Header – Ragnar Collection

Bo Header – Ragnar Collection

2 Divi tabs module section

Carine Tabs – Ragnar Collection

Berit Tabs – Ragnar Collection

Look out for the first Black Friday email

It will include the first batch of Grace layouts and our Divi Den Pro Lifetime Deals.

Black Friday is the only time we offer Lifetime licenses for Divi Den Pro. You can literally pay once and never again.

[UPDATE: Lifetime deals are now always open. Learn more.]

Lifetime offers are not always open

You can buy Divi Den Pro Lifetime for;

  • 1 site (inlc. 1 additional staging site)
  • 5 sites
  • 10 sites
  • Unlimited sites

The Grace Collection sneak peek

Grace has been in development since July 2021. We think you are going to love Grace.

Here’s the preliminary breakdown for the Grace launch. The final numbers will change here and there. It depends how far we get with building and testing before launch.

We’re working weekends to get Grace ready for you 🙂

The Grace collection will include +/- 150 new layouts and sections;

  • 30 Homepage layouts for different niches
  • Matching content pages (still being built – can’t give a number yet)
  • 28 Divi blurbs
  • 25 Divi header module sections
  • 11 Person modules
  • 11 Image galleries
  • 12 Price list sections
  • 10 Slider sections
  • 9 Process sections
  • 9 Blog sections
  • 5 Grace timelines

That’s it for today. See you again in the first Black Friday email towards the end of November.

See some Grace layouts in the mock-up image – 1.7mb

Click on the image to open the high resolution version. It’s big!

Sneak Peek - Grace Collection by Divi Den Pro