Introducing the ultra-useful Divi Den Pro Theme Builder

Well, well, well… after 3 full weeks of intense design, coding and testing, we have just published a great update for Pro Plugin users. The new Theme Builder gives you the ability to customise your WordPress site without modifying PHP theme files yourself.

You can use premade pro layouts for archive pages like category, tag, or author archive pages. You can also use premade menus or utility pages like “search results” or “404 not found pages“.

Some of the most popular requests were for main navigation menus and WordPress PHP template designs.

We were able to code it all in and its ready for you to use right now. To find the new features, go to the Divi Den Pro Plugin Dashboard and look for the “Theme Builder” Tab. Keep reading for more details.

You can also save and use premade custom Divi menus. Watch the video below. Cool stuff!

How does it work? 

When you publish in the customizer, for example, the “category archive page” it will override the current WordPress PHP category template. After activation and publishing in the customizer, the new “category page layout” will be shown to website visitors who visit the category page on your WordPress blog.

You can do the same for Tags OR Authors and you can even choose a Global Archive Template (like this one). This gives you the same layout for all archive pages. Very handy.

Customise even more

Divi Den Pro Theme Builder templates such as (category, author, tag, search, 404) use individual Divi sections from the saved library. Each section is pulled-in via PHP to complete the final layout.

For an example, you can edit the premade Pro layout called “Category Archive – Row w Sidebar – PHP Templ – Diana ” from your local Divi Library. You might change the sidebar and use the WordPress customizer to change font sizes.

You also can use a “global archive page” to change and set-up all categories, tags and author pages at once.

What about the promised Elegant Themes Theme Builder update?

Everybody has been waiting for this update… But we could not wait anymore. It’s now or never!

Should Elegant Themes push their Theme Builder update in future, our plugin features should be adaptable and we will bring it in line as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can use our solution to get your sites’ archive pages looking amazing.

Christmas Holidays

Did you know Ukraine (Svetlana) and Serbia (Marko) all have Christmas on the 7th of January? And Armenia (Rustam) on the 6th January?

We will be on skeleton staff from the 24th of December till the 10th of January. We be will around for support during this time. You can still ping us an email. I hope everyone gets a bit of rest and fun.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. May 2019 be a wonderful and exciting year for all of us!

Seasons greetings from all of us here at WP Den and Divi Den 🙂