Divi Theme Update V4.2.0

Divi 4.2 brings Divi position options – including fixed headers, floating elements and new draggable anchors. These new features visually affected certain Divi Modules with custom CSS code. In some cases causing misalignment. The Elegant Themes coding team was quick to react and it was resolved very quickly.

LATEST UPDATE – (18 Jan 2020) – V4.2.1 resolves all Issues

If you’ve had layout issues after updating Divi to V4.2.0 there is good news. Update now to V4.2.1 and all should be resolved. Remember to back up. WordPress recommends you take a backup of your site and database before updating any WordPress Theme.

Note: We have left the original blog notice unchanged below for reference. 

========= OLD NEWS 16.01.2020 ========


Recommended action – Wait before you update

Please wait some weeks before you update any live sites. We’ve become aware this update visually affects many premade Divi layouts and modules. There have been reports from the greater Divi community too. Elegant Themes have been notified and are looking into it.

If you want to test these new features – go for it, but please test on a staging site. Leave any live sites alone for best results.

In case you’ve updated already there’s an easy fix.

In case you’ve updated already you can use the Divi Rollback feature to revert to the previous version of Divi. This is the simplest solution right now. This will ensure your website does not appear broken to visitors in case you have modules that were affected.

Don’t see the option to roll back? 
If you don’t see the option to roll back, you most likely have a brand new installation for Divi. For roll back to work, you need to have completed at least one update of Divi in order to have “something” to revert back to. If you still need to roll back, you can do so manually. Follow the steps at the bottom of the page to revert manually.

Here’s what we are doing about it

We are in close communication with the Elegant Themes development team to get clarity on the best way to fix this. Once we know what they are planning and when they will update – we can schedule any work that needs to done to the Divi Den Pro Library.

It may take up to 2 weeks to get this resolved. This is our top priority. Everything is perfectly fine for now – just don’t update live sites to V4.2

While it’s not lost on us that not updating is generally bad advice (we don’t recommend it ourselves) in this case, its different. This is a feature update -not a security update- and therefore should be ok to delay for a few weeks.

Further updates to follow…

If you have any questions or comments please contact us – we would be happy to assist.

Regards from the Divi Den Development Team


How to manually revert the Divi Theme to an older version

Note: This applies to the website where Divi is currently installed. The same site you wish to roll back.

Does this apply to you? You have a brand new installation of Divi and you have never updated the Divi Theme on your website.

To prepare (important)
Backup your website & database before you do this, in case you need to revert again to what you have now. There might be something you did not think about or consider – better to have the option to restore then not.

To revert you site manually follow these steps
1. Activate any other theme (not divi or divi child).
2. Delete Divi main theme
3. Upload old version of Divi (anything before V4.2 but not too far back – more recent is better)
4. Activate the divi child theme (if you use a child theme) or activate main theme.

The Divi settings should be preserved and not lost.
Test the website to make sure everything is in order.

Well done – you’ve just reverted your site. Contact support if you have any more questions.